There are various activities and excursions offered during the year that helps you get to know other students and members of staff and enjoy the culture and entertainment of Canada.  Experience all of the cultural and adventure opportunities that Canada largest metropolis, Toronto, has to offer.

Students love exploring Toronto’s great outdoors, sailing to the Toronto Islands, picnicking in High Park or taking day trips to spectacular Niagara Falls.  We can help you connect with other students and really get to know the region!

Popular activities include:

  • Explore Toronto’s multicultural neighborhoods
  • Weekend trip to Niagara Falls
  • Canada’s Wonderland Amusement Park
  • Paddling in a voyageur canoe
  • Ski and Snowboarding Trips
  • L’Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal
  • Montréal Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanique de Montréal)
  • Notre-Dame Basilica
  • Old Montréal (Vieux-Montréal)
  • Day trip to Niagara Falls Tr
  • ip in Ottawa to experience the National Gallery
  • Visit to Quebec City







Bus Station, Train Station, Airports

This optional service is offered at a cost for One-way from/to arrival or departure spot in the United States. A representative meets and takes the student to accommodation or departure point. Please forward travel information at least 3 weeks in advance

Location: Toronto, Montréal






NIK|LAS offers affordable lodging during your stay in Canada while you are taking part in one of our courses.  There are a wide range of accommodation options to suit a student's budget and needs. Students can choose to stay in a home stay and learn English by living with a Canadian family. Most of our home stay accommodations are located between 15-25 minutes away from the school. We can also connect you with a wide range of alternative accommodations, which are geared for students who want to live more independently.

Accommodations are generally a 15 - 35 minutes by metro/ bus from the school or center. Shopping facilities are a short distance away. Electricity, gas and water are included.  

Single Room (SR) - Private room.
Double Room (DR) - Shared Room between two students.
Suggestions: Take extra care with your behavior; keep common areas clean; moderate noise to a low level at night; respect apartment mates schedule and customs. In short, be responsible for yourself.

Shared Apartments

Double1dApartments are simply furnished with a fully equipped kitchen with washing machine, living room with television, iron and 1 or 2 bathrooms. There are no telephones available in apartments. These 2, 3, or 4 Bedroom apartments are shared with other international students and/or locals so students can cook their own food and manage food budget. Bed linens are provided. However, you will need to bring towels and own personal toiletries. Room in a shared apartment with access to all communal areas of the house (kitchen, bathroom and living room). Single rooms options. 

Location: Toronto


Homestay/Host Family

Staying with a Canadian speaking Family is rewarding, in that, it encourages the natural use of social English. This helps to improve your language skills. Room with an English Speaking family with a meal option of full board(3 meals/day), half board (breakfast & Dinner), or Single Room (Room only). You are made to feel completely at home with their families and enjoy the unique opportunity to fully integrate oneself into an English speaking family life.

Please keep in mind that Canada has a very diverse cultural makeup with citizens from a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Your host family in Canada will be different from your own, so we ask that you be prepared to adjust to a new household routine, different foods and new rules. Though, you will be free to do what you wish, you will be expected to adjust a bit to the rules of the house. You will receive your own house-key so you may come and go as you please. During your home-stay you will be able to receive phone calls. Bed linens are provided. However, you will need to bring towels and own personal toiletries. Single rooms options.

Location: Toronto, Montréal


Student Residence

We offer a variety of residential accommodation in different parts of Montréal and Toronto. The residence houses several rooms with students also studying English. You have access to communal area of the fully equipped kitchen, dining room, living room with TV, video, as well as washing machines. It has an international atmosphere, where English is the common language. Bed linens are provided. However, you will need to bring towels and own personal toiletries. Single or double rooms options.

Location: Toronto, Montréal



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