This program combines language training with paid work in a Canadian workplace. Students in this program will take courses to help them develop the language skills needed for finding work and succeeding in the workplace. Students will typically find jobs in the travel and hospitality industry.

This program combines English or French study with a paid general language practicum in a Canadian workplace. Placements are offered in 6-month to 2-year programs comprising
of 50% academic and 50% paid internship components.

Complete a variety of language courses until your level allows you to take WEP preparation courses, which include business writing Skills and business Interview Skills. the recommended courses are designed to make you highly employable in the Canadian job market. The latter part
of the program is a paid internship where you put your language skills to the test in a real work environment.

Candidate's Profile

- You must be a least an high school graduate
- Demonstrate that you have previously applied for and secured a part-time job, full-time job or volunteer work. Professional work experience is not required, but is an advantage.
- The ideal candidate is positive, proactive and independent.
- Work & study permits required.
Structure of the Program
The NIK|LAS Study & Work Program consists of 3 phases:

1st: 3 months to 6 months of English or French language (available in Montréal, or Toronto).
2nd: Internship Preparation Courses.
3rd: The Work placement may last between 3 to 12months (available in Montréal, Toronto, or Vancouver).
I Part - Course
The program is designed to help improve your effectiveness as a  French or English  Speaker, so you can be more efficient in your work post.   With a higher language level, you’ll be more likely to land a more interesting and potentially tip-earning position.  Arrangements can be made to take extra courses before you start your Internship. 

English courses build fundamental language skills by choosing courses from a variety of programs offered —Communication, academic preparation, test preparation (TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge, IELTS), business and humanities.

Location: Montréal, Toronto

II Part - Internship Preparation Courses
  • Business Writing Skills: Gain skills in written communications such as business proposals, resumes and cover letters.
  • Business English Interview Skills: Gain insight into the business interview process to prepare for success in your own interview.
  • Choose one of the following business courses:
    • English: Business English, International Business Practices, Advertising Media or  public Speaking / presentation Skills
    • French: work place preparation or International business Internship

Location: Montréal, Toronto

III Part: The Work Placement Period
Internships are general language practicums and positions will be in industries such as tourism, hospitality and retail where the average wage ranges from $8–$15 CAD/hour. Students can work between 20–27 hours per week. Students will be required to submit monthly internship reports during their placement. If a student fails to submit monthly reports, they may be terminated from the program and reported to Immigration Canada.
Please note that WEP can make no promise of placement or specific interviews with employers. Successfully obtaining employment depends on the student's ability to apply what they learn through their academic and job preparation, their performance at the interview, as well as job market fluctuation. Keep in mind that positions are generally entry level and
vary depending on language skills and experience. Our staff will do their best to answer your questions, prepare you for success and satisfy your requests.
Program Duration: 6 months to 24 months.
Start Dates:   Jan 5, Jan 26, Feb 23, Mar 23, Apr 20, may 21, Jun 17, Jul 15, Aug 12, Sep 9, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2
Work Placement Fee:  $525 USD
Location: Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver
APPLICATION: required documents
  • Send documents at least 2-3 months before arrival date
  • Registration Deposit of $250 USD (Registration cannot be accepted without this payment ) 
  • Résumé either in English or French. (Example Provided)
  • Short essay (1 page): Detailing specifically the kind of experience the student wants to have, what kind of work placement is preferred, and why.
  • Enrollment Form 
  • Send the documents by e-mail to:



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