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Festival International Cervantino (FIC), named after Miguel de Cervantes (author of "Don Quixote de La Mancha"), is the prestigious annual international art festival where dance, music, visual arts, films and theater expressions take over the streets and theaters of Guanajuato . With more than 35 countries participating, the event attracts intellectuals, artists and tourists from all over the world. It occurs every October.

Location:  Guanajuato

Merry carnivals take place in February, which begin with the symbolic burning of evil spirits and continue with parades of floats, the crowning of the king and queen, and lots of music and fun. The most popular are those held in Veracruz, Mazatlan and Merida.

Location:  Veracruz, Mazatlan, Merida.

Carnival of Tepoztlan starts one week before Ash Wednesday, this Carnival gives place to the Dance of Chinelos, a traditional dance in which at the rhythm of the drums and wind instruments, the dancers jump in a movement that makes them look as puppets. Great colorful and a vast gastronomic offering cannot miss in this regional festivity.

Carnival of Tlayacapan divides the town in three companies which correspond to each one of the neighborhoods that form the municipality. The Sunday of carnival starts the traditional jump of the chinelo completing the festivities in the center of the town. Musical events, art exhibits and many other artistic and cultural activities are held here.

Location:  Tepoztlan

Day of the Dead is a holiday tradition very similar to Halloween in that it happens around the same time of year and it is focused on death and spirits. However, in Mexico, people decorate the doors of their houses with marigolds tied in the shape of a cross for good luck and blessing. During that period, Mexicans eat a special kind of bun-shaped sweet bread, called Pan de Muertos.

Location:  Guanajuato

Alfeñique Fair held in San Fernando Square in Guanajuato, during the last days of October, when many vendors sell various shapes of elaborated skull figurines made out of sugar and highly decorated for the upcoming "Day of the Dead" celebrations at the beginning of November. Prizes are awarded to the best works.

Location:  Guanajuato

Hot Air Balloon Festival More than 100 colorful hot air balloons sail effortlessly through the skies of Guanajuato every November.

Location:  Guanajuato




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