NIK|LAS is an intermediary that connects students to the highest quality of creatively diverse immersions programs in intriguing foreign cultures. Our year round programs facilitate cross-cultural learning in a fun and engaging environment that nourishes cultural exchange and academic growth.

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We currently offer programs in England, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the United States of America. Our featured cities are: Cadiz, Faro, Florence, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Montpellier, New York, Rome, Salamanca, Seville

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This varies per person. It depends, of course, on your previous knowledge and language learning experience, and importantly the amount of time you spend practicing the language in real-life situations. If you have studied one or two foreign languages, learning another one will be a lot easier. We believe that a beginner needs approximately 3-5 months with at least 12 hours weekly oral communication for fluency.

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You should bring all three. You should always have some local currency on you when you arrive in a foreign country. ATM cards will get you the best exchange rate and travelers’ checks are safe because only you can cash them.

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To enroll in one of our programs, we need to receive a completed registration form and the registration deposit followed by full payment.

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We recommend that you register at least 6 weeks in advance. In high peak times such as summer, we ask that you register 10 weeks in advance.

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We usually get a confirmation within 72-hours of submission. We will send you your accommodation address approximately two weeks before your arrival.

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No, Always check with us first regarding availability before purchasing an airline ticket and consult local embassy to the country of travel before purchasing plane ticket.

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You should plan to arrive on the Sunday prior to the start of your program, and to depart on the Saturday afterwards. If you wish to arrive earlier or to extend your stay after finishing classes, please inform us in advance so we can make the proper arrangements.

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They are locals who are opened to meet foreign students in order to practice speaking languages.

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Internet cafés are located around the cities and are very useful and inexpensive in sending and receiving emails.

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We ask that you not use the host family’s phone to make long-distance calls. Even if you are using a calling card, sometimes the family will be charged a fee from the phone company. However, in most cases, you can use host family’s telephone to receive calls.

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You can make international calls from the many public telephones available. It may also possible to buy or rent a mobile phone.

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We offer the Early Bookings, and Repeat Customer discount, etc.

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No. However, you should get medical, accident and travel insurance coverage for your protection. It may also be a requirement for your visa process.

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You should check with your doctor before taking any foreign journey to be certain that you are up to date on your regular vaccinations. You probably will not need any special vaccination or inoculation, but you should check with the Traveler's Clinic at your local hospital for advice. For Americans, Center for Disease Control and Prevention gives helpful information at 1.877.FYI-TRIP (1.877-394-8747); send a fax at 1.888.CDC.FAXX (1.88-232-3299) or check their website at http://www.cdc.gpv

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Proper medical insurance and a good understanding of your insurance coverage conditions will be key in getting you the help that you may need. Please notify us or the local staff at the school about any medical issues or concerns you may have.

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Before your trip, please speak to you doctor about bringing adequate supply of your medication with you, as well as, a copy of the original prescription, along with your doctor's contact information.

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Or is the course price reduced? No, classes are not made up, nor are the price reduced. Check holiday's information in Holidays section.

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Yes! The majority of visitors travel independently, so it's easy to make friends.

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We receive traveler from the Americas, Africa, Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia...

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I am from the University of Sheffield, and looking to do a program in South America.

We offer different programs in South America. In Argentina, we have Spanish immersion and Tango courses, while in Brazil, we have Portuguese immersions, Volunteer, Internship and Teach English programs.

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I have a tourist visa that is good for ten years that allows to stay up to 180 days in Brazil. Is the fee for visa help, required?

For Language Program and Teach English in Brazil Program, you can use your tourist visa but for the Internship Program you will need to have a Work Visa. The fee is required just for the Vitem V Visa.

I need some information about the minimum Portuguese course before the internship.

The suggested minimum Portuguese is 4 wks. We have an online course that you could start before arriving or you may study at our center at any of our locations.

My wife and my 4 year-old son (are) with me, so are there any housing options?

In the case of your family, we would suggest that you get an apartment for you all. The typical options for most students are living with a host family or sharing an apartment with other Brazilians and/or foreigners.

You had to be a current student to participate in your programs? Or are there programs for recent graduates?

The internship program is both for current students and recent graduates. You are eligible to participate in the program within the first 12-months after your official graduation date. Only the internship program has this requirement based on your date of graduation. All other programs don't have the educational requirement.

It is unclear what the age limit is (for the Brazil Internship program)

There is no age limit for this program, once you fit the educational requirements to qualify for the visa.

What does your Portuguese level have to be to Teach English in Brazil?

This program does not have a minimum Portuguese level. Though, the Intermediate level is suggested, since it will help you to communicate with Brazilians as you experience the culture.

Also, out of the three, which city (Maceio, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo) did people enjoy the most?

Most people enjoy Rio the most because it is the cultural capital of Brazil, with a wonderful blend of big city and tourist sites. There are many wonderful sights to explore, and fun events to enjoy. Sao Paulo has more of a big city, fast pace feel with many cultural sights, and hip night spots - plus delightful Caipirihnas. Finally, Maceio is simply a tourist spot, with lots of sun, fun and beaches.

How is travel in between places (Maceio, Rio de Janeiro Sao Paulo) coordinated when combining cities?

You handle your own transportation between the cities, which can be done by bus or plane. There are many low cost and commonly used flyers for air tickets between the cities, a good example is Gol airline. You may want to reserve your tickets a few weeks before travel to get good rates.

I am a second year graduate student, at the University of Cincinnati interested in obtaining an Architectural internship within the Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro areas.

We have a number of internship positions in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. There are both private company and University internships in the the field of Architectural.

Do the tutors have to be fluent in Portuguese for the Teaching English in Brazil program?

No, Tutors are not required to be fluent in Portuguese, but they are required to be a Native English speakers.

Is the Paid Internship Programme Brazil available to British students studying in Britain?

Yes, the program is available to British students and students of all other nationalities.

4 credits max need to return before January 25, 2013. Planning to go for the winter term.

For most part, you can complete a 4 week course of minimum 20 classes/wk to gain your 4 credits. However, there are two options when getting your credits approved..

i. You may simply visit your Language Department, and request the steps during and after your overseas studies to have your credits as an elective/independent course after your studies in Brazil. They may put in place a tracking of attendance and the number of lessons you are allowed to miss for being sick or whatever other reason, for you meet the criteria. They may even require a written test before or at the programs completion or upon return to the US.

ii. You may visit your registrar about having credits transferred for Portuguese study-abroad taken in Brazil (Maceio or Sao Paulo) to be accepted from:

- University of Alabama

- Brookhaven College (Dallas, TX)

Your registrar may indicate which of the universities they would accept the transfer from. There is an additional fee for the transfer of each credit.

If the internship placement is not suitable (because of the location for example), can I wait until the next opportunity? How does this process work?

Yes, you may select one of two consideration if the 1st, does not seem to fit what you requested. Based on your motivation letter, which should indicate your different preferred internship placements, we try to find the placement that best fits that. We then present you with an offer for you to sign, once that is done, then we can start the paper work process necessary to get your visa to start the internship. However, if you reject the 1st offer because it does not match well, we will provide you with 2nd and final offer, depending on availability, for you to accept, then we can process the visa documents.

What happens if I aim to start my internship in May but the visa process takes longer that I miss the start date?

We consider this a valid reason for a delayed start. In that case, you can arrange to start once you are approved for the visa, we will work with you on that exact date.

What are the dates that the Portuguese classes start in Brazil?

You can choose to start your Portuguese course on any Monday of the month. However, if this is your first ever Portuguese course, then you should select to start on the first Monday of the month. Portuguese courses are offered in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Maceio. You may combine your study between the different location to get a broad experience of the Brazilian culture.

I am very interested in studying abroad in Brazil but currently do not speak Portuguese, would this be a problem?

This is not a problem. Yes, you may participate in the programs starting with little knowledge or no knowledge of the Portuguese language. The idea is that the immersion experience will help you improve your knowledge of the language.

I already know the Portuguese language, can NIK|LAS help me get an internship placement in Brazil?

Yes. With proper documentation proving excellent knowledge of Portuguese, we can waive the language course requirement and place you.

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The prices for Brazil are listed as 2-4 weeks, does that mean the price is per week or in total?

The price is per week.

 Looking for placement in Rio de Janeiro, or Florianopolis. Are there any internship opportunities available?

We do offer internship placements in Rio de Janeiro. Sao Paulo is our most established destination but Rio de Janeiro is also a very popular destination.

Would I have only one choice to decide or would I have multiple internship offers? Are the internships in Rio de Janeiro's center.

We work to find quality placements in and around Rio de Janeiro. Whether it is an area like Niteroi or Barra da Tijuca, you should be able to live in the Rio's Center and transport to and from work as conveniently as possible using Rio de Janeiro's transportation system.

Regarding the VISA for the internship, I have to apply it by myself?

Not completely, for the visa, you will need documents from us about your placement, to submit at the Brazilian Consulate in your country.

In which neighborhoods are the companies in Rio de Janeiro?

Companies are located in different parts of Rio de Janeiro. That depends on your field of study, and where posts are available at the time of applying. Some companies are located downtown, and around the area surrounding Cinelandia, Cidade Universit·ria, other placements in the Hospitality field are located in Ipanema, the airports, at the University, Niteroi, etc.

If I apply, it is sure that I get an internship, or do I have to wait for the acceptance of a company?

We like to guarantee a placement but that is not always 100% possible, since after receiving ALL your documents and evaluating your qualification, we will have to match you with what's available at the time you are coming. Once a match is found, the company can submit the necessary documents to the government in Brazil to get the paper work for you to request your visa from the Brazilian embassy in your country. In some case, a telephone or Skype interview is required as part of the process. As a part of our refund policy, if we are unable to find you an internship placement, we will refund your monies.

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I am an European exchange student in Sao Paulo, can your company help me find an internship considering that I have already arrived in Brazil?

We can place you in an internship in Sao Paulo.

Is the Internship placement paid, or not?

They are some unpaid placements, but the majority of internship placements in our programs are paid.

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If you are a beginner in French, can your resume be in English? Or would you still need to have a French resume?

We do require the resume for the program in France to be translated to French. If your language level is not that good, you may want to have a professional translate it for you.

I am a student from Turkey interested in the internship in France program, I would like to get some details about the place where we will work, dates, duration and price etc.

Start dates and duration are flexible to your preference. As for the company, during the application process where you outline your educational background, work experience, and internship preference, etc., then you will receive the offer sheet with the details of the company and placement to match your preference.

Can I apply for a Business internship programs in Lyon or Paris for June?

Yes. For a June start date, applicants have submitted their applications and payments by February to cover for a submission 3-months before start. If you plan to participate this year, you should take care of this matter immediately.

Is there accommodation included in the Price for the internship? If I decide to choose my own Private Accommodation is the price will be less?

The price includes only the language phase and placement. It does not include housing so you may arrange your housing at will.

Is this a paid internship or a free internship?

These are unpaid internships, though we do have a paid work program but this is for general work placements in France, not specialized placements. You may qualify for both programs.

Does the Resume necessarily have to be exactly two pages? and in in French?

Not necessary, but your resume/CV should be in French for the French employers to review.

Do I have to fill the enrolling form first? or send the Resume and CV first?

You should submit registration form and deposit payment online, which may be followed by related documents as you have them (to be sent via email). The key part is getting them to us soon after submitting the registration form and deposit.

Is it possible to get an internship in an English or mixed English-French speaking professional office?

Though, many French person speak English, the mode of communication during work would mostly likely be in French, since you are working in France. We do not guarantee English speaking internship for a student to work in a French company.

What is your success rate in placing Masters level degree students in the fields of economics, business and international relations?

All students are placed when applications are submitted on time (3-months before start date).

I'm an European national (citizen), not American. In general, does this make a difference in terms of securing a paid position in the EU for 2-3 month period?

Are you from the European Union or just from a European country? Internships are non-paid, the work placement program are paid placement but are not in specialized areas. We arrange unpaid Internships in Europe.

Are the internships part time or full time?


How and where is the French level test administered?

The French level test is generally administered at the start of the French course in France. In some cases, it may be administered over the internet before arrival to France.

Is it possible to arrange on my own 1 month French course or do I have to enroll through your program in order to get a matching position for the second part of the internship period?

You may choose to arrange your own French studies and then take the French level test to show you have attained the adequate level.

Can you tell me total amount I would pay in fees for the France Work program?

Prices may vary based on whether you are required to participate in a language refresher course or not. For basic overall program cost in for different destinations in FRANCE, please view our Pricelist.

What are the start dates for the NIK|LAS Work Program in France?

The France Work Program runs from February - November. So, you can select a start date for any Monday within that period (that is not a holiday) and submit your application 3-months before that date.

Are these paid work placements for the France Work program?

Yes, all placements in this program are paid placements.

Do I need to have a good French level to participate in the France Work program?

For job placements, you are required to have an upper intermediate French level. However, We offer language refresher courses to bring your level up if you know some from French or you are just a beginner.

Are visas provided for the NIK|LAS France Work program?

Students on study break can qualify for visa to participate in the program.

Do you have programs combining the two interests of French language immersion and culinary school in France?

In our programs in Paris, you can combine your interest of improving your knowledge of the French language while learning more about preparing French cuisine.

For more details on the programs and registration, please click here.

I want to study French in France. Will admission letter from your school help me to get my student visa?

Yes, once you have submitted your application and complete your payments, we will forward the admission letter for you to request the student visa from the French Consulate in your country.

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I'm from Ukraine. Can I take part in the NIK|LAS Work and study program (in Paris, France)?

Yes, Ukrainian may participate in the program. You should send the documents along with registration payment to start the process.

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What does that price for the Internship Program include?

The price includes the placement fee for the period of the internship, and the following services as specified on our website.

I saw that I have to take an Italian course to learn Italian for the internship program, but I am already fluent in the language, would I have to take that course as well?

The students applying for this kind of program should have at least a C1 complete level of Italian, otherwise no company in Italy would consider the application since Italian is necessary for inter office communication as well as for the majority of the tasks. The job interview will also be conducted in Italian. So for non-beginners, who skip the language course phase is required to take of an on-site language skill exam in order to check them.

What are the possibilities for interning in Siena, Italy?

We work to place students in their preferred internship and location, but keep in mind that placements are limited by what opportunities are available, plus the skills, education and experience that the best applicant for the internship has.

I am not a student anymore, can I also apply for the Italy Work & Study Program?

This program is limited to citizen of EU country. This is detailed in the information provided. If you qualify, then you can do this program

What kind of internships do you provide and have available? I am interested in architecture.

We offer internship placements in all fields including Architecture. However, that is for the Study and Intern program. The Study and Work program in Italy is for placement in the hospitality/tourism field.

I am an Australian with an EU passport, I would like to participate in the Work program.

With your EU Passport, you can qualify for any of our language study and work programs in Europe.

I study tourism management and have to do a 6-months placement.

Do you know that we offer several paid placements in this field for different coastal areas across Europe - Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Great Britain. Plus, similar placements are available in Brazil.

As an Art History student I am actually looking for a placement in a museum, a gallery or something of the sort in Rome. Is this possible as well?

Yes, an art placement is possible for the internship program. This program offers for placement / work experience in the Art industry in Rome and other parts of Italy.

Are Filipino students eligible for the internship program in Italy?

Yes, as a Filipino student, you do qualify for this program. This program is a educational training program to help improve your training on the job for a better professional future.

If I'm not a beginner in the Italian language and still want to spend the four weeks studying, will I be able to jump ahead?

Yes, you may move up a level, just make it known to the teacher, so you can be moved to a more suitable level.

How many hours will I be studying per day? (And I suppose study hours do not include weekends, or... do they?)

For the Standard Italian course, the lessons are 4 per day during Monday to Friday.

Do I have to establish the dates I shall begin study and end work before I start the process of application?

Yes, we ask for registration and application at least 3-months before start, and doing the program during dates between February and November, when the seasonal tourism is at its best.

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Do you offer finding a fashion internship in Milan?

We can find you a fashion internship that meets that requirement.

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I'm 15-year-old girl that would really like study in Portugal for one year. Is that impossible?

We can organize your course for the period you want. Because of your age we can arrange your housing with a Portuguese family.

Does the price of the Internship Program include the Portuguese language course?

The cost of the Program does not include the Portuguese course. What we have listed is the placement fee; it has the cost to place you in an internship which does not include the language course.

I'm interested in an International Relations internship in Lisbon. Where would I stay? What would my hours/pay look like? Would I be with other interns?

When interning, you may either search for your own housing independently or select and of our housing options that include apartment share or home stay with Portuguese family. Hours are generally full-time, and most placement are unpaid expect placement in the tourism/hospitality field.

There may be other interns when you start the program, but we cannot say that each intern will have the same start date for language course, and intern placement. Plus, each intern have an individually specific placement request. Internship placements in Brazil are mostly paid.

As an American, do I need a work visa to participate in the Work & Study Portugal Program?

This being primarily an educational program. As an American, you may qualify for this program if you are a student in the hospitality field looking to do an internship. In that case, you would qualify for a student visa.

What University provides crediting for the internship program at this destination (Lisbon, Portugal)?

For the Internship program, we can generally arrange credits for the language phase of the internship program. Please see information about gaining college credits for our study-abroad in Portugal. Click here!

Is the age limit of 35 to participate in the Portugal Work Program negotiable?

Yes, the age limit is 18 - 35 yrs for all candidates participating in the Work program. This limit is dictated by the employers.

Is NIK|LAS still accepting applicants for the Study & Work program in Portugal?

We ask applicants to apply at least 3-months in advance. However, yes, we will accept applicants at any time on a case by case basis.

I would like to know if Portugal internships are paid or unpaid?

We offer unpaid internships in Portugal.

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Which sectors are available for internships in Lisbon? Can we choose the duration of the program?.

Professional practice internships are offered in private sector companies, governmental organizations, NGO's, schools, colleges, and universities. The work period will be of 3 months. It may be possible to extend placement if both the employer/sponsor and the intern are in agreement.

Recently graduated from a Bachelor of Science in Restaurant Management, I'm interested in internship or work in Lisboa for January 2014.

With this field, you should qualify for both the internship placement and the work placement in hospitality. The internship program has most placements in Lisbon, while the tourism work placement is along the Algarve coast.

Is there any internship in Lisbon for law students?

We do offer placement in all fields. The paid summer program is for the tourism field.

However, if you wish to have a law internship in Lisbon, when submitting your application, you should indicate this on your form as well as in your presentation letter. We would identify and place you in an appropriate post.

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Tiene cursos de cocinar este Julio del 2013?

Este curso de cocinar comenzaba lunes, el 1 de julio en Barcelona y Salamanca. Hay fechas para el aÒo que viene, pero aparte de eso tambiÈn tenemos otras programas que permiten el aprendizaje del culinario espanol y mediteraneo.

I am interested in working in Spain during the summer 2013 for either paid and non-paid positions.

Paid posts are offered for the field of Tourism and Hospitality, all other fields have non-paid internship placements in Spain.

Is this hospitality work program suitable for 15 year old student?

We do have a number of programs in Spain. However, this work program requires you to be 18-35 yrs old to participate. It is something that you could plan for soon .

Do Australian citizen and passport holder need to get a visa before travelling to Spain?

No, as an Australian citizen you don't require a visa for a 90 stay. Upon entering Spain with your Australian passport, you will be stamped with a date of entrance and automatically granted a stay for the next 90 days. For more information on Spain's visa rules, click here.

With the work and study Spain program, I noticed that only select cities that are available to do both the language and work component, is this correct?

Work placement is normally reserved for the coastal areas with the majority of resort and summer vacation activities during the period of the program. So placement may also be available a different locations throughout the coastal area of Spain's Peninsula, as well as, the Spanish Islands, example Canary Island, Ibiza, Mallora, Menora, etc. but other inland areas are available for example, Seville.

I do not speak Spanish, will the language course phase of the Hotel Work program cover this?

The language phase is geared at improving your Spanish language skills and knowledge of Spanish as a beginner and a non-beginner. Take the time, to truly immerse yourself in the language and culture and you will see drastic improvement in your Spanish language skills.

Are start dates for the Spain work-study program only available from March thru November?

Yes, it is around that time, since it is adapted to the tourist season. The majority of jobs are in the tourist industry, thus it is best to start the job placement phase of the program within these dates.

Is a placement guaranteed after the study part of 'Work and Study' program? Do you require a specific level of Spanish even to start the study part?

Yes, you are guaranteed work placement to participate in the program. You do not need to have a specific Spanish level to start the program, however, you will need to achieve an intermediate level to start the work phase, so you should apply yourself during the course phase.

If I take language course in one city and get work placement in another, do I cover the transportation cost to work placement?

Yes, your travels from your site of study to your location of work is covered by you. However, if it is on the islands, there are relative cheap flights with the low cost airlines to different points of Spain. Plus, within the mainland, travel is fairly inexpensive by bus and train.

How long are the work hours generally for the work placements?

The work hours are generally between 35 to 40 hours weekly.

Is it possible to find a translated version of the 'European Spanish CV'?

Yes, you may find one here.

When does one get their Registration deposit back?

The registration deposit will be deducted from the overall cost of the program.

Does the NIK|LAS Study & Work Placement fee for Spain includes lodging?

The work placement fee that you see only includes the cost for the work placement and language course phase.

Under 'Start dates' for the Work Placement it says March-November. Is this the period you're able to start working or only the period where you're able to work?

The March - November is the general period in which you may start the work placement phase.

I am attending a different program to go to school in Spain that only offer home stays, could rent a student apartment through NIK|LAS?

Yes, You may consider the option of a private room in a Shared Apartment or a Private Apartment.

Can citizens of the Slovak Republic participate in the Work and Study program in Spain?

Yes, this program is designed exclusively for participants from the European Union, Canada, USA, Australia, Brazil, and Russia.

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I am interested in the Spanish study course and work placement in Barcelona. Are there start dates for March?

Yes, we do have start dates for any Monday in March. We generally request persons applying for this program to do so, 2-3 months before expected start date.

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Is it possible to take this cooking class (in Spain) if you don't speak Spanish?

This course is taught in Spanish, however, we do provide Spanish courses that runs before it our parallel to the course to help people with limited Spanish speaking ability.

I am interested in the cookery/language course in Salamanca. Are there start dates for September?

For 2013, the start dates for this program are January 7th and July 1st.

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Are any flamenco guitar classes offered from May through the middle of August 2013?

We offer a series of professional Flamenco Guitar, Flamenco Dance, and Flamenco Dance Techniques courses all by expert professors in Seville - Spain. You may take the course during the summer for 2 weeks or for the 4-months.

Are there options to study and work in the other cities available for the language component? (for example study and then work in Seville for the whole 12 weeks)?

There are indeed some opportunities, you can give yourself a better chance of getting a placement in this location by submitting your application early, and placing Seville as your preferred placement location.

Looking for a double room, or a 1 bedroom apartment in or near the centre of Sevilla. Do you have anything available?

Send an email to: lodging@nik-las.com We will forward a list of the current units available in Seville, along with photos.

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If you are an American citizen or a graduate from America, is this program not available to me??

Due to visa limitations, this work placement program in the UK is only opened to members of select European Union member countries.

Could you offer me accommodation during my program in the UK?

We can arrange housing for you during the program. You can choose from any of the following housing option: Room in Flat share, Room in a Student Residence, and Homestay.

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Could you please inform me in which courses in USA you provide student with I-20 document so that student can get F-1 visa?

Any of our English language courses in New York Chicago and California, that has 18hr or more lessons per week, will qualify you for an I-20 and F1 visa status.

I am from Venezuela but I am living in Chicago where I study English on a student visa, I am interesting in a internship to help me to improve my English, and get experience.

You may choose to do this program, so you would qualify for a J1 visa if you choose to do request a Change of Status from F1. We will forward the details of the application process for the internship placement in the US.

 Does the whole visa process for the US take 3-months to be complete?

We suggest applying for the program at least 3-months before your Start Date but the visa process can take 1 month or even a few weeks in some cases if you have all the documents in order.

How many hours per day is the Business English course in the USA?

The business class is 18 sessions per day in Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco and New York.

What type of people study at the New York and San Francisco centers?

Well, they are both very diverse locations. Students come from Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

What type of visa do I need in order to intern in the U.S. with NIK|LAS?

In order to participate in an internship, you will need to have the appropriate J-1 Visitor Exchange Program Visa. The purpose of the Visitor Exchange Program is to provide foreign nationals with the opportunity to participate in educational and cultural programs in the United States. We will work with you to determine which type of J-1 visa you will need for your specific program, whether a J-1 Internship visa or a J-1 Trainee visa.

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I am a law student in the United Kingdom, interested in doing a legal internship in Chicago.

Do you also provide assistance with visa and housing?

We would be happy to place in in the internship of your choice for summer 2014. We are able to assist with your housing options, as well as, the necessary visa for your visits.

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How to avoid the $5.00 AirTrain fee at John F Kennedy JFK Airport?

When going to the subway, you should go downstairs from the AirTrain platform, and exit the door to the parking lot. If you go left, you will see the entrance to the subway station where you only pay the $2.50 subway entrance fee.

When arriving to JFK airport by the A-Train, you should cross over to the other side of the platform. Follow the rush of people, up to stairs, and down the stairs on the other side. Once you get to the other side, the crowd will exit the train station into the parking lot towards a group of buses. You will also exit into the parking lot but then enter the doors of the building on the right, just across from the buses. You can take the elevator or escalators upstairs to the AirTrain platform, where you can ride the AirTrain to Terminals free of charge.

Can I travel to New York with NIK|LAS for 4-12 weeks without doing an English course?

Yes, that's exactly what it means. You arrive on a visitors visa, and stay to enjoy the city and we can arrange just your housing.

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I was curious about the credentials of your organization and testimonials.

You can read about several of our testimonials on our website. You can also see that we have been a Verified organization with one of the biggest of study abroad program promoter in the US (www.Goabroad.com) and the biggest study abroad program promoter in Latin America (www.edufindme.com). You can contact each.

Should I select the host family housing option?

Well, here is thing. For most part Host families are great. You get to live with a local family that you can practice your immersion language with. However, after several years of having 100s of student coming and going, some host families may sometimes not offer as engaging an experience. You may consider a shared apartment with locals or foreigners as well. If you are in the same age group as your new roommates, it may lead to an even more engaging experience at home and during your off time from school. In the end, both lodging option offer you the opportunity to interact with language your studying at home and school but we tend to believe that shared apartment, most of the time, allows for a more engaging experience and along with more living freedom.

Also, when registering for courses, what qualifies me as a 'beginner' or not?

There are beginners and non-beginners. A non-beginner is a person who has had no previous experience with the language. This is never an issue since on the first day of class, you are process a basic level test to place you in the correct class level.

I hope to advance quickly through the language, so would I be stuck in lower level courses or is it possible to move up?

There is always possibility to move up which can be assess on a week by week basis. Most of time, the professor will note that you are clearly ahead of your group and would process you for a change of class.

The enrollment form asks for flight information and duration of stay, do I need to make travel arrangements before applying for the program?

If you have the flight information, you may submit it at this time. Otherwise, we ask that you inform us of your travel plans at least 2 weeks before your arrival date. So you don't need to buy your airline ticket before completing the application process.

I would like to know what's the costs for the course in Euros.

You may also find out the total cost by simply adding the appropriate costs found in the Price List. You should decide the type of course, and the number of week to study. The total amount you can convert to Euro(Ä) at www.xe.com.

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