Montpellier, capital of the Languedoc-Roussillon region, is located in the south of France, about 800 km from Paris, midway between Italy and Spain, and just 6 km from the Mediterranean Sea. Situated in the heart of the Languedoc-Roussillon between the Cévennes Mountains of the Pyrenees and the Rhone River, there is a wide range of excursion opportunities to experience the region’s wonderful nature, and beautiful scenery within its many gorges, creeks and picturesque villages. The Canal du Midi, Camargue, Provence, the ancient Pont du Gard, and the proud citadel of the medieval city of Carcassonne are all in short distance. Plus, the sea, the étangs (lagoons) with huge colonies of wild pink flamingos, and the miles of sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches are also here to be enjoyed.montpellier-2

Montpellier’s countless historical treasures have earned it the nickname, ‘Ville d’Art’. Its landscape merges all of the fascinating architectural eras of France — with medieval structures intertwined with 18th-century buildings and balanced by the more modern neoclassical architecture designs For the more neo-classical baroque preference, the Place de la Comedie, the Polygone, the Antigone area and the Regional Council City Hall reveals the cities more modern architectural beauties. However, the city has preserved its architectural heritage, especially in the medieval center and its lanes. Its beautiful historic center features narrow picturesque streets; elegant private mansions dating back to the 16th century and many tree shaded cafés, and also an interesting cultural life. Rue des Etuves, rue Jean Moulin, rue de l’Ancien Courrier, rue de l’Aiguillerie are the most typical streets of the old city, also home to many shops, restaurants and bars. The beautiful architecture continues with the Arc of Triumph, the Place Saint-Come, or the oldest medical faculty where Rabelais and Nostradamus studied. Nearby sits the first Jardin des Plants of France, created in 1593 under Henry IV, and the classical garden of the Royal Walk of Peyrou that is the prolongation of the very nice aqueduc Les Arceaux. Montpellier has over a thousand acres of nature within its forty city parks and gardens, such as, La promenade royale du Peyrou, Le domaine Bonnier de la Mosson, Le jardin des Potiers, etc.

montpellier-1DSCN3926The city is full of historical constructions, monuments, statues and churches. There is the Cathedral Saint-Pierre, the famous Musee Fabre, the well-known Les Trois Graces statue, and the Corum among others. Its museums have a rich diversity in the cultural, artistic, historical, religious and scientific heritage of the city and its region. The Agropolis Museum, Musée de l’histoire de Montpellier, Musée humoristique Albert Dubout (Palavas), Musée archéologique Henri Prades (Lattes), just to name a few.

Restaurants feature specialties of the variety of products found in the Languedoc, conjuring up fine French cuisine, superb wines, and delicious seafood that reflect the seasons. With Languedoc being the largest wine-growing region of the world, there are excellent wines to be discovered and tasted. These restaurants can be found in the city’s historic center, outside Montpellier and along the coast. In Montpellier, you can taste local products, cheeses and wines, at the morning market of Les Arceaux under the aqueduc.

Montpellier offers a wide range of sports and activities. Water sports and horse riding in the endless sand dunes of the Petite Camargue are more popular options, however, you can also find golf, swimming, tennis, cycling, sailing, skating, bowling, ice-skating, camping, etc.

Many street musicians and artists as well as a variety of famous festivals contribute to its cultural life. The warm, Mediterranean atmosphere is reflected in the day to day life of the town. The Place de la Comédie or Esplanade Charles de Gaulle, are trendy spots with a numerous cafés, bars, street performers and great shopping in the streets close by. Its infectious atmosphere extends long into the night with a string of dance shows, film festivals, music and comedy.

During spring and summertime, there are a great number of traditional, cultural and artistic events organized in Montpellier and other towns of the region. Throughout the year, there are shows, trade shows, plays, concerts and exhibitions. Summer offers the season for festivals such as, le festival de radio France in Montpellier, le festival d’Avignon, les ferias [Spanish celebrations, i.e. bullfights etc.] of Nîmes and Béziers and the open-air movie shows. Montpellier has an excellent climate with summers lasting until the end of October. While during the Christmas season most cultural events take place (e. g. traditional markets, provençal nativity plays, chorals, expositions of nativity figurines, etc.).

With 60,000 of its 350,000 habitants, students, Montpellier is France’s most popular student’s city. It is home to one of France’s largest oldest medical school, dating back to the 13th century, as well as, the most vibrant nightlife in the Midi. With plenty of music pubs to choose from, and over thirty discos, here one can find just the hangout to suit any musical preference. There are also numerous cinemas, theatres, two operas and four concert halls in the city to suit other entertainment interest.montpellier2-DSCN3984

Adenet Centre: A charming private mansion dating back to the 18th century, in one of Montpellier’s most attractive pedestrian shopping streets. Just a few yards to the famous ‘Place de la Comédie’, where students can enjoy a coffee among its cafés and sunny terraces.

This recently redecorated building houses airy and light air-conditioned tuition rooms ideally equipped for the interactive training method. You will find a very friendly international atmosphere. There are audio-visual facilities available, offering materials such as tapes, videos, French newspapers, magazines, books and study material.

Accent Centre: The centre is located in the heart of Montpellier’s historic city centre a 19th century building facing the famous Place de la Comédie with its sunny cafés terraces, and restaurants. It is surrounded by an array of boutiques, cinemas, monuments and places of interest and entertainment. The location benefits from excellent access to the train station, main buses and tramways.

The two-storey building is secure and easily accessible (intercom and lift) and has managed to keep its charm of Haussmann architecture style. It has 14 well illuminated and spacious classrooms with multimedia equipment (CD players, TV, Videos, DVD). Plus, there is a study room with a selection of French literature, workbooks, newspapers and magazines, along with free access to Internet.

Biarritz is a city on the Bay of Biscay, on the Atlantic coast in the Pyrénées Atlantiques department in southwestern France. It is a luxurious seaside town and is popular with tourists and surfers.

Biarritz has long made its fortune from the sea: as a whaling settlement from the twelfth century onwards. In the 18th century, doctors recommended that the ocean at Biarritz had therapeutic properties, inspiring patients to make pilgrimages to the beach for alleged cures for their ailments.


nice-feteusiqueNice, the capital of the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur) and France’s fifth largest city (with over 933,080 inhabitants) is located on the Mediterranean coast of southern France, between Marseille and Genoa. Known for its Mediterranean climate of rather warm summers and mild winters, Nice maintains a popular image as a lovely, sunny spot with inviting beaches and a laid-back atmosphere. The shingle beaches are along the coast to Antibes and the sand beaches between Antibes-Juan-les-Pins and Cannes.Its history as a major tourist resort began around the 5th century BC when the Greeks of Massilia (Marseille) established the “modern” city of Nicaea (“Nikaia”) adding the Vieux Port, a haven for exotic ferries and yachts. The Romans added extensive baths on Cimiez.

The city became a part of France in 1860. In the 20th century, Nice along with the French Riviera became a popular summer spot for many Parisian artists and elites, as well as, Europe’s rich and powerful. The Promenade des Anglais, the grand boulevard that stretches about 7 km around the Baie des Anges, saw the construction of several elegant, deluxe hotels and casinos. Today, it is Nice’s biggest tourist attraction featuring summer days with busy sea watchers, sunbathers, joggers and roller skaters, and an energetic nightlife.

Nice is a cultural metropolis for dining, shopping, sunbathing and swimming, movies, theatres, opera, and museums. There are the Chagall and Matisse museums and a vast new modern art museum. The Archeology museum, Matisse museum, the Franciscan Museum and Monastery are located on the Cimiez grounds on a hill just outside the centre. Cimiez is also the location for the August Jazz Festival with music until midnight every night from three stages, in the large park amidst olive groves and the Roman Amphitheatre.

The lovely park of “Le Chateau” offers a panoramic view of Nice and the Mediterranean shades of trees perfect for walk, Roman ruins and a waterfall.

nice-cannesThe city retains its medieval heritage in the historic centre or “vieille ville”, with its narrow curving streets between old buildings with closely-packed red-tiled roofs. Its streets are packed with shops, small restaurants, food, clothes, and gift stores. The Rue de France that runs from the end of the Place Massena, is the main pedestrian shopping street, with several shops, exclusive clothing boutiques, and restaurants and cafés with outdoor terraces.

The Cours Saleya’s famous flower market (marché aux fleurs) and food market has scores of stands displaying produce and live fowl directly from the farm. The length of the Cours Saleya is lined by the low buildings housing mostly seafood restaurants. The other side of the Cours Saleya is filled with terrace cafés, lovely old buildings and the grand Prefecture.

nice-picnicTraditions are still alive, especially in the folk dances and the music, such as, the famous farandole. The local language Niçard (Nissart) is an Occitan dialect still spoken by a minority. The local food culture includes pissaladière, socca, Stoquéfiche or “Stockfish “, farcis niçois, and salade niçoise.

Nice is also world renown for the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and EDHEC Business School. There is much to enjoy for students and tourist alike.

Actilangue Centre: Located in the centre of Nice, near the Hotel Negresco, the school facilities are less than six minutes walk away from the beach and the famous Promenade des Anglais. PC with free internet access and free WIFI connection are provided. You will find a very friendly international atmosphere.

Paris, the “City of Light”, can be described as having the most romantic atmosphere; the most chic stores, and incomparable restaurants that delivers the best in fine French cuisine. France’s magnificent capital is one of the world’s most captivating cities, filled with art, culture and history. With the Seine River running nearby, the city features a network of charming streets sprinkled with trendy cafés, designer bars and restaurants.Its historic development as the “City of Lights” began over 900-years ago in the medieval heart of the city – the two islands in the Seine, Ile St. Louis and Ile de la Cite. Earlier kings were strong supporters of the arts and education. So, they established the Sorbonne (one of the world’s oldest and most revered universities) in the vicinity of bustling Latin Quarter, packed with students and bohemian life. In 1200, a grand palace fortress, known today as The Louvre, was built on the city’s Right Bank. Over the centuries, the city added the grand boulevards of Place Vendome, Place de la Concorde and Champs-Elysees; the unique silhouettes of the Eiffel Tower and Beaubourg (Centre Pompidou).france-paris-TOUR-EIFFEL217

Yet, Paris is a relatively small city with most major sights and museums within walking distance. The city is made up of 20 districts, each with its own unique culture and particular history. There is much to be discovered in Paris with its many museums, outstanding architectures, monuments, parks, fascinating streets and variety of quarters (neighborhoods).

Many world-famous landmarks cover the city, such as, the Eiffel Tower; the 164-foot Arc de Triomphe; the magnificent Louvre; and the gothic Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of the city. Art lovers will enjoy a visit to the Musee d’Orsay.

Paris is a splendid city, however, this should not mask the treasures of things to be seen and experienced in other close by cities. Try taking small excursions pass the city’s charming, provincial banlieaux (suburbs) to the Ile de France, where the French kings built splendid Chartes Cathedral and castles as famous as Versailles (Palaces of Versailles); the forest of Fontainebleau; the gardens of painter Claude Monet’s in Giverny; the Futuroscope Attraction Park of Poitiers, the Mont St-Michel, or the allied cemeteries in Normandie.

france-paris-ARC-DE-TRIOMPHE412So maybe, you are not so big on sightseeing. Shopping is another exotic way of discovering this city. Besides, Paris is one of the premier cities in the world of luxuries and fashion. Perfumes, cosmetics and world-known fashion designs can be found in its many stores in the fascinating neighborhoods of Belleville and Ménilmontant. For the serious shoppers, the famous Rue du Faubourg St. Honore and the Marais is a must.

For rare furniture or small items, the Flea markets or Auction Sales may attract your attention. At la Salle Drouot or the Flea markets, one can browse astonishing rare items, art paintings or beautiful jewelry.

The night is often the best moment to observe the city of light. The various districts give the city great life. As one area falls asleep, another wakes up. You can easily leave the beaten tracks, to discover more romantic and intimate zones in the heart of the city. Maybe, you prefer a romantic dinner on the Seine, going to the theatre, to the cabaret, to the pub or to disco – a Parisian night breaks open to new opportunities of diversion.

Regardless of your taste, in Paris you can always find an activity, whether day or the evening, to enjoy your time. Its 13 million inhabitants and its many cultural events give it such a vibrant life. Paris hosts numerous cultural events and festivals throughout the year, such as The French Open tennis tournament (May), Bastille Day (July), and the Fête de la Musique. You’ll understand why Paris is truly one of the world’s most wonderful cities.france-paris-Galerie-nationale--du-Petit-Pala

Lutèce Langue Centre: is located in the heart of Paris, within the famous Les Halles, in the 1st arrondissement of Paris. The school is close to Centre Georges Pompidou, Opéra, Marais, St Germain, Montmartre, etc. The area is alive and trendy with lots of cafés, restaurants and shops.

France Information

New Year's Day

Good Day Friday Christian

Eastern Christian

May Day / Labor Day 1945 WWII Victory Day

Ascension Thursday - Christian

Pentecost Sunday ( Whit Sunday )

Pentecost Monday ( Whit Monday )

Bastille Day

Assumption Day - Christian

All Saint's Day

Remembrance Day

1918 Armistice Day

Christmas - Christian

January 1st

April 20th

April 21th

May 1

May 8

May 29

June 8

June 9

July 14

August 15

November 1

November 11

December 25

Visa & Travel information for France

If I need a visa for coming to France, will the school provide me with the necessary documents?

  • Yes, as soon as you have booked your course and if you need a visa we will send you a letter stating you are well registered at the our institute and which you can forward to the embassy.


Short Stay Visa
Citizens of the following countries DO NOT need a visa for a stay less than 3 months:European Union Members, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Leetonia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, St Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, United States of America, Uruguay, the Vatican, Venezuela.All other foreigners wishing to go to France for a stay not exceeding 3 months need a short stay visa to enter France.
Student Visas
A student visa is mandatory for any foreigner wishing to study in France for longer than 3 months.The visa is processed in your country of residence prior to your departure. You cannot get the visa in France, and you cannot have it sent to you. The visa is affixed in your passport before you depart the U.S., and must be presented at the border Officials upon your entry into France.Please allow sufficient time before departure date for visa to be process. Contact French Consulate on this matter.If you need more details on obtaining a visa to enter France click here.

Low Priced Airlines

These airliners provide inexpensive flights to and from France between other Europe cities. It can help you mix your flight connection city or entry city into France in order to locate a lower cost trip.


France is easily to reach from all over the world. France’s airport network includes 27 aiports and serves 130 countries. Its two main international airports, Orly and Roissy-Charles de Gaulle, Aéroports de Paris (The Paris Airports Authority) rank first in the world by international destinations, and first in continental Europe for passenger traffic.
With its international airports such as the two Paris airports (Roissy-Charles De Gaulle and Orly), Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Strasbourg et Lille, France handles every year 1.751 million metric tons thanks to 6,200 flights every week.
Montpellier-Méditeranée international airport (MPL), is located 5 miles South-east of the city, just 15 minutes from the city center. There are approx. 14 daily connections with Paris (flying time 1 hour). Plus, there is also direct flights to some European cities, such as, Florence, Geneva, London, Sonderborg, Venice and Rome, and most French cities.
To Montpellier
  • 22 flights a day from/to Paris; Direct flight from/to Lille, Strasbourg, Nice, Bordeaux, Corsica and others; Daily flights from/to London; Weekly flights from/to Copenhagen; Weekly flight from/to Oran; Air Littoral has connected flights to major European cities in Nice.
Paris Roissy-Charles de Gaulle international airport (CDG), is located 23 kilometres north east of Paris near the village of Roissy-en-France. The largest airport serving Paris, it has two terminals, the second of which is split into terminals 2A, 2B, 2C, and 2D. It operates day and night. New runways are expected to lift passenger traffic from the current 48 million a year to around 55 million five to ten years from now.
To Montpellier Airport
  • Roissy Charles de Gaulle (CDG) has 2 flights per day to Montpellier. The flight takes about 1h15. Flights from CDG to Montpellier leave from terminal 2D. This terminal can be reached from other terminals by a free shuttle service.
To Orly Airport from
  • To transfer from CDG to Orly, take an Air France coach leaving every 20 min (transfer time 50 min, 70 FF). If you arrive on an Air France or Continental flight, the coach ticket is free, otherwise you will be asked to pay a small fee.
Paris de Orly Airport (ORY), is located south of Paris (14 kilometres) near the town of Orly. It has two terminals referred to as Orly-Sud (Orly South) and Orly-Ouest (Orly West).
To Montpellier from Orly
  • Orly has 10 flights per day to Montpellier. The flight takes about 1h15.

Travel insurance

  • Medical Insurance: We advise all citizens/Residents of the EU to bring the E111 documents to France. If you require medical treatment, with this document and the medical bill you will be able to reclaim the medical expenses from your country of origin. Everyone else is also advised to take out insurance to cover health.


  • Travel Insurance: We advise all travelers to take out insurance to cover personal property.


France by Bus / Train /Tram / Biking

Montpellier is on the main motorway Lyon – Barcelona and offers therefore easy access from all European countries.
From Montpellier Airport to Montpellier Center
  • Getting to the City is easy enough (leave the A9, which skirts the south side of the city, from the North at Sortie Est and take the D66, avenue Pierre Mendes-France, to the center. From the South, leave at Sortie Sud and at the Rond-Point des Prés d’Arenes take avenue de Maurine) but driving in to and around the city is a difficult feat given the tricky nature of the one way traffic system.


From Barcelona, Toulouse, Lyon, Marseille to Montpellier Center
  • The motorway network allows an easy access. Leave the motorway A9 at “Montpellier – Est” when coming from Barcelona or Toulouse, Lyon or Marseille. Then follow the signs “Centre Ville”.


  • The international and regional bus station is close to the train station, one minute from the Place de la Comedie, center of Montpellier. There are direct buses from/to Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, east and north Europe. There are offices of Eurolines, Linebus, Iberbus in the bus station or near by.
  • Here there are offices of Eurolines, Linebus, Iberbus. Eurolines has direct lines between Montpellier and Barcelona, Madrid, Marakech, Roma, Venezia, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin, Prague and Belgrade. From most of other European cities, you have to get connected buses in Paris, Lyon. Iberbus and Linebus have regular lines from /to Spain, Morocco, Belgium and England.


The regional company, “Courrier du Midi”, can take you from small cities or villages to Montpellier. Another company, “La Populaire”, sells tickets to/from Millau and Rodez in the Aveyron.
The TaM (Transport de l’agglomération de Montpellier), new name of public transport of Montpellier and district, have many connections between 15 villages around, and you can use a “one day ticket” (around 3€ ) or a “7 day ticket” (less than 10 €) anywhere in the city of Montpellier or the district. Remember the bus 17 to/from Palavas-les-Flots (the nearest beach) is extremely crowded in summer.
Montpellier Tram
The tramway, running east to west, west to east, is efficient and costs 1,10 €(single fare). Take the tram to beach (change at Port Marianne for No 18, 28 bus) or to watch the local football team Montpellier HSC who plays at La Mosson (last stop on the tramway).
Montpellier Bus
There is a good bus service. In the Centre Historique there is the Petibus, a minibus service. Bus services the local beaches including Carnon Plage, Palavas-les-Flots & la Grande Motte, depart from Port Marianne.
Montpellier Biking
“Vill’ a velo” (Go by bike) – You can rent a bicycle from TAM’s “Vill a velo”, at 27 rue Maguelone. The new office is in the Tam office, in front of the train station, only 20 meters after the McDonald’s. The price is 6.00 € a day, or less for more days, and you must deposit around 150.00 € by cash or credit card. You will get a detailed map and route sheets from the Tam office. It is possible to take your bike on the tram during off-peak times. Throughout the city there are 1200 individual bike parks.
From Montpellier Airport to Montpellier Center
A shuttle bus connects the airport with the center of Montpellier. It runs every half an hour. The journey is around 15 min. and the cost is 5 €. For more information contact the Airport information desk.
  • In Paris, one can use either the bus or the newly installed tram system to get around. One ticket covers both forms of transport, and a ticket valid for 1 hour costs 1,10 €. You can also buy a day ticket for 3.20 € or a book of ten for 9,50 €. Tickets can either be bought onboard or at newsagents, but don’t forget to validate them in the stamping machines every time you get on.


From Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport
  • Air France Bus departs every 15-20 minutes during the hours of 5h40 – 23h and deposits passengers at Porte Maillot, Etoile/Place Charles de Gaulle, or Gare Montparnasse. Travel time of about 25 minutes if traffic is clear; an hour or more during rush hours. Cost around 6,10 €. There is also a direct bus to Orly Airport.


  • RoissyBus departs every 15 minutes between Roissy Terminal 2 and Opéra during the hours of 5h45 – 23h. Average travel time is 45 minutes. Cost 4,60 €.


From Orly Airport
  • Air France Bus departs every 15-20 minutes from during the hours of 5h40 – 23h and deposit passengers at Gare d’Austerlitz, Gare Montparnasse, or Gare St-Michel. Travel times of about 25 minutes. Cost roughly 40F. There is also a direct bus to Charles de Gualle- Roissy Airport.


  • Orlybus has service to and from Denfert-Rochereau Métro/RER stop (bus is next to the RER stop). Departs every 15 minutes; expect about 45 minutes travel time. Cost is 4,60 €.



Montpellier railway station is on the main line Paris – Lyon – Perpignan – Barcelona and is connected to all major cities in France and Europe by TGV (High speed train).France: (SNCF) The train station is conveniently situated in the city’s center (Place Auguste Gilbert, Tel: 0467920143) with extension of the TGV line to Nimes.
From Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Montpellier
  • There are direct trains from Charles de Gaulle Airport.
    Take one of the six TGV from Paris CDG airport in connection with your flight. No need to go to the Paris station. The first TGV for Montpellier leaves CDG airport at 7:32 and the last at 20:05. The travel time between Paris and Montpellier is approx. 4 hours.


From Paris Train Station to Montpellier
  • Everyday 11 trains TGV (HST) from/to Paris (gare de Lyon) in only 3 hours and 15 minutes! Two of them are non-stop. The first train is at 6:24am. Price is only 32,01 € if you buy the ticket “Decouverte J30″ between 60 and 30 days in advance, and 51,07 Euro if you buy “Decouverte J8″ between 30 and 8 days in advance. The full price is 61,89 € but most of the people uses one of the many discount fares of the SNCF.
  • There is also a new cheap night TGV service, slower, which starts from Paris (Gare de Lyon) at 23:39 and arrives in Montpellier at 8:19 for a price of 35,06 € in second class and 42,68 € in first class.


From London, Brussels, Geneva to Montpellier
  • You can also reach Montpellier by TGV from Brussels, London and Geneva in 3 hours 45 minutes,
    From Waterloo, London, change once at Lille or Paris and be in Montpellier eight hours later.


From Lille to Montpellier
  • You can also reach Montpellier by TGV from Lille in less than 5 hours


From Lyon, Marseille to Montpellier
  • You can also reach Montpellier by TGV from Lyon and Marseille in 1 hour 20 minutes.


From Paris Charles de Gualle Airport to Paris Center
  • An RER/TGV station now serves the airport directly. Trains leave every 15 minutes during the hours of 5h30 – 23h30 to downtown Paris. Travel time is 35 minutes to Gare du Nord. Cost around 3€ 5,24.


From Paris Orly Airport to Paris Center
  • OrlyVal has frequent connection to Antony RER stop. This conductor less train is the most expensive way into Paris from Orly; roughly 7 €.
Taxis in France All major cities in France have metered taxi service. Any extra charges must be posted in the vehicle.
From Montpellier Airport to Montpellier Center
  • You can take a taxi for about 11 €.


From Charles de Gualle Airport to Paris Center
  • Taxis Service takes about 15 minutes to city center.



France cities maps:




Various activities and excursions are offered during the year by our schools locations. You may participate in short walks around the historic center or at the Welcome party during your first days. While some excursions may be free, for some excursions, students are required to sign-up and pay in order to participate in some activities. Activities may include visits to beaches, historic center, local monuments, museums, theatres, cinema, restaurants, picnics, performances and concerts, while others may include trips to other nearby cities. The destinations vary among the different cities where classes are given. Here are examples of possible excursion destinations:

From Montpellier

  • Provence-Arles; the Roman city of Nîmes; Camargue; The medieval city of Carcassonne; Avignon (the old city of the pope); the impressive Pont du Gard; the secret villages of the unspoilt Cevennen mountains, and its the lagoons with huge colonies of wild pink flamingos; the fishing harbor of Sète; the famous vineyards of Muscat de Frontignan and Lunel; the historic center; the quarter of Antigone; modern architecture (Corum, Médiathèque); and museums (Albert Dubout Museum, Agropolis Museum).


Bus Station, Train Station, Airport

This optional service is offered at a cost for One-way from/to arrival or departure spot in France. A representative meets and takes the student to accommodation or departure point. Please forward travel information at least 3 weeks in advance

Location: Montpellier, Nice, Paris


NIK|LAS offers lodging during your stay in France while you are taking part in one of our courses. Accommodations are generally a 20 - 30 minutes walk/bus from the school. Shopping facilities are a short distance away. Electricity, gas and water are included.

Single Room (SR) - Private room.

Breakfast (B)

Half-Board (HB)

Suggestions: Take extra care with your behavior; keep common areas clean; moderate noise to a low level at night; respect the schedule and customs of everyone. In short, be responsible for yourself.

Apartment Hotel/Private Apartments

Private one bedroom apartment or studio for 1 or 2 persons who require a little more privacy. These Units are limited, so early registration is suggested to fill needs. Units can be provided in an apartment hotel or private apartments in the center. The Apartment hotel offers fully equipped apartments in high quality accommodation and a wide range of services. The furnished apartments in the centre of Montpellier are recommended for long-term students. The units are furnished in simple French style with a fully equipped kitchen with washing machine, living room with television and 1 bathroom. Bed linens are provided. However, you will need to bring towels and own personal toiletries. IN PARIS: Only the Private Apartment option is available

Location: Montpellier, Paris

Homestay/Host Family

Staying with a French Family is rewarding, in that, it encourages the natural use of every-day French. This helps to improve your language skills. You will share the daily life of a French family, and discover another aspect of the culture. Rooms with a French family comes with a meal option of Breakfast (B) or half board(HB) (Breakfast and Dinner). You are made to feel completely at home with their families and enjoy the unique opportunity to fully integrate oneself into French family life. Though, you will be free to do what you wish, you will be expected to adjust a bit to the rules of the house. You will receive your own house-key so you may come and go as you please. During your home-stay you will be able to receive phone calls. Bed linens, Laundry and ironing are provided. However, you will need to bring towels and own personal toiletries. Single rooms option. IN PARIS: Half board includes Breakfast and Dinner(5), however, dinner is only provided 5 times per week.

Location: All

Student Residence

The residence houses several studios with private bathroom and cooking facilities. The residence has students from France and other other countries. It is an ideal option for the student who prefers to be more independent. It has an international atmosphere, so English can easily become the common language. Try to speak French as much as possible. Bed linens are provided. However, you will need to bring towels and own personal toiletries.

Location: Montpellier, Nice, Paris


Teach your English to a French family or a group de people. Help them to improve their grammar and oral skills in exchange for room and board. Teach ONLY 15 hours weekly and enjoy the rest de your time exploring Spanish cities and culture. Having the opportunity to tutor is itself a learning experience. Learn more about France, the language, and discover new things about yourself!

Host families are carefully selected. Besides their deep desire to learn a new language, they are also very interested to learn more about a different culture and to share their habits too!

Become a Tutor

The teaching English experience is offered in many different cities and its surroundings.

Locations: All.


This program was designed with the objective de placing foreign university students in French families who wish to improve their language skills.

The host families will provide room and board to the students who, in exchange, will give conversational lessons in their native language to all or any family member. Having the opportunity to tutor the members de a family is in itself a learning experience. The sessions may be a time for exchanging information about languages, customs, and cultures.

The tutor will spend up to 15 hours per week helping their host family to improve their English skills, who will accommodate the student for a period de 4 , 8 or 12 weeks.

Duration: 4-12 weeks

Why choose Teach English program in Brazil?

  • Tutoring a French family is a different way to experience the country, being close to the community

  • It is an opportunity to teach, learn, share and promote intercultural exchanges

  • France is rich in culture, heritage, history and tradition, and continues to become more relevant in the global market

  • We have many years local expertise of Education and Cultural Programs

  • The program includes an extensive package including placement, counseling and support

  • This Brazilian experience offers a wide range of host families to suit the different needs of each tutor

  • Program Length and Start Dates 4, 8 or 12 weeks

  • Start dates vary according to availability of the host families and tutors preferred start.

Location and Organization

Choices for the locations and host families are primarily based on availability, student background and preference as stated at the time of booking. We have many years experience of placing overseas students. We feature years of expertise in Intercultural Education and therefore we are better able to match a tutor application to a family than a student or parent. It cannot be guaranteed that a tutor can be placed in a chosen location; however, we will always try to accommodate the preferences of the early applicants when making our selection.

If an prospective tutor has specific requirements, please consult with us before confirming acceptance of the booking:

Services Included

  • Placement in a French host family

  • Airport pick up and transfer

  • Room and board provided by the host family (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • Total assistance and full-time support during stay in France provided by a local representative

  • Visa documents to be sent to you

  • Cultural Exchange

  • Language tutoring training

  • Counseling provided

  • Arrival Orientation upon arrival

NOT Included

  • Travel to and from France

  • Internal flights and weekend trips

  • Visa fees

  • Travel Medical Insurance

  • Pocket money

APPLICATION: required documents

  • Résumé in French or English. (Example Provided)

  • Application Form - Click here!

  • Short essay (1-2 pages): the student has to focus on relating who he/she is, and the kind of experience he/she wants to have.

  • Applicant has to send the documents by e-mail to:

  • Deposit of $250 USD

  • Send documents at least 2-3 months before arrival date

Please, make sure your medical insurance covers you during your stay in France; otherwise we can make arrangements for you to receive in this case.

French Plus Internship Programs


Within the broad range of educational opportunities at home and abroad work internships, provide one of the best ways to learn about the job you hope to have. An internship will acquaint you, in a practical way, with the career options in your field of study and offer first-hand opportunities to test your knowledge and examine your career plans.

The traditional view of business education for both students and professional is under the microscope as Universities and companies world-wide look for the most effective ways to train people to work in today's global markets. The rational Higher Education program alone cannot fully prepare you fro what you will face on-the-job. International business skills and second language competency are now a necessity.

Whatever your area of study might be, through the NIK|LAS organization you may have the opportunity to gain real-life experience abroad. You will experience for yourself the very different French business protocols, learn to do business in a completely different culture, and gain fluency in both formal French as well as local and profession-specific jargon. These factors which may well mean the difference between business success and failure.

Objectives of the Internship Program

The principle objectives of the combined language and internship program are twofold. (1) To promote acquisition of high-level French language skills and (2) to provide candidates with professional working experience in a full immersion French-speaking environment. Another feature of our program is highly important: to provide students the most realistic experience possible. All aspects of the program are real-life. Entrance requirements are high and each step is competitive with high-levels of performance expected.

Structure of the Program

The Internship Program consists of 2 phases:

1st: minimum 4 weeks of Super Standard or Standard Plus French language (in Montpellier, Nice or Paris).

2nd: the internship placement, lasting 2-3 months (in Montpellier, Lyon or Paris).

I Part - Course

The length of the French-language portion will depend on your starting point and how quickly you can acquire the needed fluency. Written skills test and additional ones will be used to monitor your progress administered to judge readiness for the work period. In order to qualify for the internship placement you must have a high intermediate level of fluency. The minimum length for the French course is 4 week.

Location: Montpellier, Nice and Paris

II Part: The Internship Period

Professional practice internships are offered in private sector companies, governmental organizations, NGO's, schools, colleges, and universities. The work period will be of 2-3 months. It may be possible to extend placement if both the employer/sponsor and the inter are in agreement and if there are no legal considerations that would discourage the extension. Placement is made and progress is monitored through our program office. The internship portion of the program may not combine different companies or different cities.

On-site Language Skill exam fee: $210 USD (For non-beginners, who skip the language course phase)

Internship Placement Fee: $1050 USD

Location: Montpellier, Lyon, Paris

Company Assignment

The most important factor is language skills. The more limited the student's language abilities, the flexible s/he will have to be in terms of placements.

We try very hard to match the students' educational background, professional experience, and professional plans, to the internship placement. We contact the student (by e-mail or in person) with one or more possibilities, and descriptions of those internships, and ask the student for comments and to rank the possibilities in order of preference. This helps us ensure appropriate placement. The interviews can take place during the time the student is studying.

Minimum required French level: intermediary - high

Services Include:

• French Course (minimum 4 weeks): Super Standard or Standard Plus

• 2-3 Month Internship

• Requesting and receiving background information on all internship candidates providing guidelines for the preparation of the professional résumé in French, interviewing each candidate, and drawing up a list of possible internship placements;

• Conferring with the candidates via e-mail or telephone to confirm area of interest and counsel on professional experience options;

• Approaching the sponsoring institutions and achieving placements.

• Maintaining contact with both the candidates and the sponsoring organizations to ensure that the internships run smoothly;

• Intervening to resolve any difficulties or misunderstandings between the clients and the corporate sponsors, to assure mutual satisfaction.

APPLICATION: required documents


Must be University Student

• Résumé in French. (Example Provided)


• Short essay in French(1-2 pages): the student has to focus on the kind of experience he/she wants to have, what he/she wants to learn, what kind of internship the student prefers, and why.


• The student has to send the documents by e-mail to:


• Deposit of $250 USD


• Send documents at least 2-3 months before arrival date

Please, make sure your medical insurance covers you during your stay in France; otherwise we can make arrangements for you to receive in this case at (about $45.00 USD per month).

French Cuisine

Learn how to make popular authentic French dishes from one of the local chefs. It's one more thing to take back home besides French. This program should be taken with a French language course. It includes lectures (in French & English), preparation and tasting of 3 dishes: entrée, main dish, dessert. Courses offered at cooking school facilities on Wednesday evening or Saturday morning.

Location: Montpellier, Paris


Paid Jobs program combines a French course (4 weeks minimum) in Biarritz, Montpellier, Nice, or Paris with job placement following the course in Montpellier, Nice, Paris, and other areas of France. You won't get rich, but you will earn enough to cover basic expenses.

You will work in a hospitality sector. The position offered is likely to be influenced by the applicant’s knowledge of French, previous professional experience, and academic level. Participants may occupy jobs in different departments.

Candidate's Profile

This program is opened to to nationals from: ANDORRA, ARGENTINA, AUSTRALIA, BRAZIL, BRUNEI, CANADA, SOUTH KOREA, HOLY SEE, ICELAND, ISRAEL, JAPAN, LIECHTENSTEIN, MEXICO, MONACO, NORWAY, NEW ZEALAND, REPUBLIC OF CROATIA, SAN MARINO, SINGAPORE, SWITZERLAND, U.S.A, HONG KONG (SAR), MACAO (EAR) and citizens of THE EUROPEAN UNION (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania).

Age between 18-26 years.

Structure of the Program

The NIK|LAS Study & Work Program consists of 2 phases:

1st: Minimum 4 weeks of Super Standard French language (available in Biarritz, Montpellier, Nice, or Paris).

2nd: The Work placement may last between 2 to 3 months

I Part - Course

The program is designed to help improve your effectiveness as a French Speaker, so you can be more efficient in your work post. With a higher level of French, you’ll be more likely to land a more interesting and potentially tip-earning position. Arrangements can be made to take extra courses before you start your Internship. In order to qualify for the work placement you must have an upper intermediate level of fluency.

Location: Biarritz, Montpellier, Nice, Paris

II Part: The Work Placement Period

You may work in Montpellier, Perignan along the French Riviére. Montpellier is located along the famous French Mediterranean coastline. It is one of France's most popular tourist region, with easy access to Barcelona in Spain, as well as, parts of Italy. The area's mild climate is the root attraction that makes it possible to enjoy the beaches and a wide variety of outdoor activities.

Guaranteed work placements are arranged throughout France and mainly in the service sector.

Type of Positions: Kitchen assistant, room maid, restaurant waiter/waitress, bartender, hotel reception, laundry personnel, animator, maintenance staff, general assistant, restaurant employee, restaurant Sellers, hotel Housekeeping, hotel room Service, Food Salesperson, Shops Salesperson, department stores salesperson, holidays resorts Catering, holidays resort animation, holidays resort housekeeping, Versatile positions, etc.

The work period will be: 2 months to 3 months.

Start Dates: February- November

On-site Language Skill exam fee: $210 USD (For non-beginners, who skip the language course phase)

Work Placement Fee: $1440 USD

Locations: Montpellier, Nice, Paris and the rest of France

APPLICATION: required documents.

  • Send documents at least 2-3 months before arrival date
  • Registration Deposit of $250 USD (Registration cannot be accepted without this payment )
  • Résumé either in English or French. (Example Provided)
  • Short essay (1 page): Detailing specifically the kind of experience the student wants to have, what kind of work placement is preferred, and why.
  • Enrollment Form
  • Send the documents by e-mail to:
  • How to Apply? (Read Here)


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