Intercambios Connections

"Where foreigners make friends"

'Intercambios Connection' is a place where native speakers and foreigners meet to share language and culture in a friendly atmosphere. It is an effective and fun way to learn or better your knowledge of any foreign language, meanwhile making new friends with persons from different parts of the world.

This program connects you to locals at your travel destination, who wish to meet foreigners for language exchanges in social setting. It is an additional opportunity for you to practice the foreign language that you may be studying.


What is an Intercambio?

An intercambio is a language exchange for two or more people who speak different languages practicing each other's language. You get to practice their native language in exchange for language practice in your native language. It is also a good way to get properly introduced to your travel destination and the hidden gems they have - you may also learn about the DO NOTs of that destination. An Intercambio may serve as a vital source for information on things to do around the city.

How does it work?

The most typical form is that you are provided with 1 - 5 persons that are interested in language exchange. After signing up, you are given the contact information for a few interested locals, such as, email, name, etc. You may then contact them by email, telephone, Skype, Messenger, Facebook, or Whatsapp to get to know them before meeting.  Some suggestions on where to meet: Coffee shops, Pubs, Restaurants,  Beach,  Museums, or other social activities.

In a few locations, the program is orchestrated as a weekly Meetup, at a local spot. Upon arrival, a session of 30 minutes or more is arranged with a person that speaks your chosen language. In that timeframe, you are expected to converse in your language as well as the language of your partner for the evening. The format is flexible, so you may talk as little as 30 minutes or as long as 2 hours if you wish to, and about any topic that comes to mind. You may break out in groups to discuss the designated theme or you may have different individual partners for each session, so you can meet others, and improve your ability to understand the language you wish to practice when speaking with different persons.

What will I gain from this experience?

After several encounters you will notice an improvement your conversational language skill. Plus, the experience also gives you the opportunity to meet and establish bonds with someone very familiar with your travel destination.

What language level is needed to participate?

Don't worry! Everyone who participated in the Intercambios Connection is there to learn. Studying a bit before attending each session will help a lot.

What languages are exchanged?

There are participants from across the globe, so you can find speakers of all every popular languages. You may practice French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, English, etc.

How long are each Intercambio session?

That would depend on yourself and your practicing partner. You may arrange for 30 minutes, or longer. Many times, a session may last up to 2 hours or more. Some may choose to meet for coffee, or visit a museum, or you may get invited to go to the beach, join an all-day excursion, visit an interesting site in a close by city, attend a barbeque, join your Intercambio and his/her friends for a night out, etc.

Location: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, United States


How to Join? Send contact information, details of languages that you speak, and the one you wish to practice, along with your location. Send email to

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let us know.

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