Mexico lies between the United States of America to the north, and Guatemala and Belize to the southeast. Mexico is the fifth largest country in the Americas, and has an estimated population of over 113 million. Mexico is ranked 7th most popular tourist destination, with much of the tourist industry centered around the beach resorts (such as, Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen) as well as the altiplano in the central part of the country, and the colonial towns San Cristobal de las Casas. The country is home to the largest Spanish-speaking population in the world and a large number of indigenous languages, spoken by some 5.4% of the population. While English is also spoken to some degree in most tourist areas.



Its extensive coastlines include the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Mexico has nice and warm weather, unique food, art and archeology, pyramids, museums, Haciendas, 6,000 miles of shoreline, superb architecture and 21st century cities, lots of golf courses throughout the country, plus excellent fishing. The climate varies in Mexico. It has weather from the snowy mountains in the Sierras, to the rainy jungles in the Southeast, the desert in the Northwest, and the tropical climate around the Tampico area down to Cancun, as well as the adjacent side on the Pacific. At least three great civilizations (the Mayas, the Olmecs, and the Toltec) preceded the wealthy Aztec empire, conquered in 1519–1521 by the Spanish under Hernando Cortés. Spain ruled Mexico for 300 years up until Sept. 16, 1810, when the Mexicans first revolted. They finally won independence in 1821.



From 1821 to 1877, there were two emperors, several dictators, and various presidents and provisional executives. Mexico lost Texas in 1836, and after defeat in the war with the U.S. during 1846–1848, it lost the area that is now California, Nevada, and Utah, most of Arizona and New Mexico, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. In 1855, the Indian patriot Benito Juárez began a series of reforms, including the disestablishment of the Catholic Church, which owned vast property. The subsequent civil war was interrupted by the French invasion of Mexico (1861) and the crowning of Maximilian of Austria as emperor (1864). He was overthrown and executed by forces under Juárez, who returned to the presidency in 1867. Mexico has a great many traditions and customs. Its culture is extremely rich and full of fascinating history, legends, stories, and practices that make it so extremely unique and interesting to enjoy. The music is one of the most beautiful part of the Mexican culture, where each region has its own unique flavour of music and dance. Around Mexico you may run into mariachis serenading restaurant audiences, natives in cultural dresses doing traditional dances, or people at clubs dancing to salsa or merengue. There are thousands of other interesting and unique traditions and habits to discover in Mexico. Make the journey.

Mexico Information

New Year’s DayHoly Kings

Constitution Day

Benito Juarez Day


Labor Day

Cinco de Mayo

Mexico independence Day

Columbus Day

All Saints Day

Mexican Revolution Day


Day of the Holy innocents

January 1stJanuary 6th

February 21st

March 21st

April 17-19

May 1st

May 5th

September 16th

October 12th

November 2th

November 17th

December 25th

December 28th


Festival International Cervantino (FIC), named after Miguel de Cervantes (author of "Don Quixote de La Mancha"), is the prestigious annual international art festival where dance, music, visual arts, films and theater expressions take over the streets and theaters of Guanajuato . With more than 35 countries participating, the event attracts intellectuals, artists and tourists from all over the world. It occurs every October.

Location: Guanajuato

Merry carnivals take place in February, which begin with the symbolic burning of evil spirits and continue with parades of floats, the crowning of the king and queen, and lots of music and fun. The most popular are those held in Veracruz, Mazatlan and Merida.

Location: Veracruz, Mazatlan, Merida.

Carnival of Tepoztlan starts one week before Ash Wednesday, this Carnival gives place to the Dance of Chinelos, a traditional dance in which at the rhythm of the drums and wind instruments, the dancers jump in a movement that makes them look as puppets. Great colorful and a vast gastronomic offering cannot miss in this regional festivity.

Carnival of Tlayacapan divides the town in three companies which correspond to each one of the neighborhoods that form the municipality. The Sunday of carnival starts the traditional jump of the chinelo completing the festivities in the center of the town. Musical events, art exhibits and many other artistic and cultural activities are held here.

Location: Tepoztlan

Day of the Dead is a holiday tradition very similar to Halloween in that it happens around the same time of year and it is focused on death and spirits. However, in Mexico, people decorate the doors of their houses with marigolds tied in the shape of a cross for good luck and blessing. During that period, Mexicans eat a special kind of bun-shaped sweet bread, called Pan de Muertos.

Location: Guanajuato

Alfeñique Fair held in San Fernando Square in Guanajuato, during the last days of October, when many vendors sell various shapes of elaborated skull figurines made out of sugar and highly decorated for the upcoming "Day of the Dead" celebrations at the beginning of November. Prizes are awarded to the best works.

Location: Guanajuato

Hot Air Balloon Festival More than 100 colorful hot air balloons sail effortlessly through the skies of Guanajuato every November.

Location: Guanajuato

The following information below is here to assist travelers in understanding their options as they travel to and through Mexico.

***Please note that prices listed page serves as an approximation and may vary from actual prices***
***Please confirm prices before your travel time. ***
***NIK|LAS is not responsible for changes of the prices or schedules***

Visa & Travel information for Mexico

Tourist / Business visas
The Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores) require that citizens of the following countries, with an ordinary passport, who wish to stay in Mexico for tourism less than 180  days or 30 days for business purposes can fill out a tourist card upon landing:Andorra, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Belize, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, United States of America, Uruguay and Venezuela.
Electronic authorization (Autorización Electrónica) for travelling to Mexico is available on the Internet for nationals from Ukraine, Russia, Peru, and Brazil. Please allow sufficient time before departure date for visa to be process. Contact Spanish Consulate on this matter.Other nationalities should contact the Mexican consulate in your country to apply for and obtain a visa in advance of travel.

Low Priced Airlines
These airliners provide inexpensive flights to and from Mexico between other cities. It can help you mix your flight connection city or entry city into Mexico in order to locate a lower cost trip.





Mexico has several international and domestic airports throughout the country.
Mexico City (MEX)
Guanajuato International Airport, formerly the Bajío International Airport, is located in the municipality of Silao just between the cities of Silao and León,, and 40 kilometres from the city center. It currently serves the following airlines: Magnitur, Delta Air Lines, Continental Airlines, Aviacsa, American Airlines, Aeromar; to the following destinations: Mexicali, Mexico City, Tijuana, Monterrey, Cd. Juárez, Cancún, Zacatecas, Puerto Vallarta, Zihuatanejo, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, San José, California, Chicago, Oakland, and Denver.
Cancún (CUN)
Guadalajara (GDL),
Puerto Vallarta (PVR)


Taxis / Ships

There are lots of taxis that can take you where you want to go for $2 - $4. The taxis do not have meters, so it is best to settle on a price to your destination before getting into the cab.



A number of cruise lines serve Mexico, such as, Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise. From the US, there are cruises that serve California to the Baja Peninsula and ports of call on the Pacific coast. Or from Houston or even Miami to the Caribbean with stops in Cancún, Playa del Carmen, and Cozumel.


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance: We advise all travelers to take out insurance to cover personal property.

Health Insurance: It is very important to acquire health insurance before traveling to Mexico, since the healthcare system in the country is private.


Weather Online

You can learn Spanish in Guanajuato in our school, where you will find our general Spanish courses, with flexible start dates and duration, as well as a wide range of specialized courses to suit your needs. You will study in class size maximum 8 students, offering both morning and afternoon sessions.

Start Dates

Non-Beginners can start any Monday of the year. Beginners may start on the first Monday of any month, in some location, twice a month. Contact us for appropriate dates.


School will be closed during Holidays. Holidays are not made up. Please view the holiday section to understand to help decide your travel time.



Spanish, the 2nd official international language has experienced a growing importance in the developing global community. Learning Spanish in Spain is well worth the experience. Classes are taught at all levels by highly qualified Spanish teachers in small groups, from beginners to advanced. Classes are taught in Spanish only and our teachers use a practical and communicative approach. Students learn the language as well as, the grammar structures in a stimulating atmosphere.

Spanish Semi Standard

Group instructed 15 classes of Spanish Language and culture per week from Monday to Friday.  This class is ideal when combining language courses with alternative courses.

Location: All

Spanish Standard

Consist of 20 Classes of Spanish Language and culture per week from Monday to Friday. Especially for highly motivated students who wish to learn as much Spanish in the shortest time possible. Students apply their knowledge of theory by means of various methods ranging from situation and role-playing activities to debates about current issues.

Location: All

Spanish Standard Plus

Consist of 20+5 Classes of Spanish Language and culture per week from Monday to Friday. Especially for highly motivated students who wish to learn as much Spanish in the shortest time possible. This course consists of 5 classes daily in which students apply their knowledge of theory by means of various methods ranging from situation and role-playing activities to debates about current issues.

Spanish Super Intensive

Group instructed 30 +5 Classes of Spanish Language and culture per week from Monday to Friday with a variety of different teachers. Just for that student that wants a little more Spanish. Designed to effectively achieve the most learning in the least amount of time.

Location: All

 Individual (One to One) Spanish

Tailor-made private classes for highly motivated persons who need to advance rapidly in a specific area of study but in little available time. You decide how many classes you want and what you wish to study.

Location: All

Combined Cities

This program attracts the voyagers in students. It allows for students to choose from the list of courses that we offer in our schools and distribute the learning experience among the different locations. By combining a course from among these different cities, one will learn Spanish and have the opportunity to know the rich variety of Spanish cultures at the same time. Plus, it makes for great city hopping.

Location: All

Group Programs

  • For groups of 5 or more persons traveling together on the same package to the same destination, please contact our Group Department for a group discounted price quote at:
  • With a group of 5 or more persons, you may organize a program that fits your interests and trip desires. Contact our Group Department for more information.

Location: All


Various activities and excursions are offered during the year at the various locations. You may participate in short walks around the historic center or at the Welcome party during your first days. While some excursions may be free, for some excursions, students are required to sign-up and pay in order to participate. Excursions may include visits to beaches, local monuments, museums, theatres, performances and concerts, while other's may include trips to other nearby cities. The destinations vary among the different cities where classes are given. Here are examples of possible excursion destinations:

From Guanájuato


Bus Station, Train Station, Airport

This optional service is offered at a cost for One-way from/to arrival or departure spot in Mexico. A representative meets and takes the student to accommodation or departure point. Please forward travel information at least 3 weeks in advance

Location: Guanájuato



NIK|LAS offers lodging during your stay in Mexico while you are taking part in one of our courses.

Accommodations are generally a 15 - 25 minutes walk/bus from the school/center. Shopping facilities are a short distance away. Electricity, gas and water are included.

Single Room (SR) - Private room.

Double Room (DR) - Shared Room between two students traveling together.

Suggestions: Take extra care with your behavior; keep common areas clean; moderate noise to a low level at night; respect apartment mates schedule and customs. In short, be responsible for yourself.

Shared Apartments

Apartments are furnished in simple Mexican style with a fully equipped kitchen with washing machine, living room with television, iron and 1 or 2 bathrooms. There are no telephones available in apartments. These 2, 3, or 4 Bedroom apartments are shared with other international students and/or locals so students can cook their own food and manage food budget. Bed linens are provided. However, you will need to bring towels and own personal toiletries. Room in an apartment shared with Mexican people, with access to all communal areas of the house (kitchen, bathroom and living room) and, together, keep the place clean. Single or double rooms options.

Location: Guanájuato

Homestay/Host Family

Staying with a Mexican Family is rewarding, in that, it encourages the natural use of every-day Mexican. This helps to improve your language skills. Room with a Mexican family with a meal option of half board (2 meals/day) or full board ( 3 meals/day). Mexican families are renowned for their hospitality, and enjoyment of life. You are made to feel completely at home with their families and enjoy the unique opportunity to fully integrate oneself into Mexican family life. Though, you will be free to do what you wish, you will be expected to adjust a bit to the rules of the house. You will receive your own house-key so you may come and go as you please. During your home-stay you will be able to receive phone calls. Bed linens are provided. However, you will need to bring towels and own personal toiletries. Single or double rooms options.

Location: Guanájuato

"Where foreigners make friends"

'Intercambios Connection' is a place where native speakers and foreigners meet to share language and culture in a friendly atmosphere. It is an effective and fun way to learn or better your knowledge of any foreign language, meanwhile making new friends with persons from different parts of the world.

This program connects you to locals at your travel destination, who wish to meet foreigners for language exchanges in social setting. It is an additional opportunity for you to practice the foreign language that you may be studying.


What is an Intercambio?

An intercambio is a language exchange for two or more people who speak different languages practicing each other's language. You get to practice their native language in exchange for language practice in your native language. It is also a good way to get properly introduced to your travel destination and the hidden gems they have - you may also learn about the DO NOTs of that destination. An Intercambio may serve as a vital source for information on things to do around the city.

How does it work?

The most typical form is that you are provided with 1 - 5 persons that are interested in language exchange. After signing up, you are given the contact information for a few interested locals, such as, email, name, etc. You may then contact them by email, telephone, Skype, Messenger, Facebook, or Whatsapp to get to know them before meeting.  Some suggestions on where to meet: Coffee shops, Pubs, Restaurants,  Beach,  Museums, or other social activities.

In a few locations, the program is orchestrated as a weekly Meetup, at a local spot. Upon arrival, a session of 30 minutes or more is arranged with a person that speaks your chosen language. In that timeframe, you are expected to converse in your language as well as the language of your partner for the evening. The format is flexible, so you may talk as little as 30 minutes or as long as 2 hours if you wish to, and about any topic that comes to mind. You may break out in groups to discuss the designated theme or you may have different individual partners for each session, so you can meet others, and improve your ability to understand the language you wish to practice when speaking with different persons.

What will I gain from this experience?

After several encounters you will notice an improvement your conversational language skill. Plus, the experience also gives you the opportunity to meet and establish bonds with someone very familiar with your travel destination.

What language level is needed to participate?

Don't worry! Everyone who participated in the Intercambios Connection is there to learn. Studying a bit before attending each session will help a lot.

What languages are exchanged?

There are participants from across the globe, so you can find speakers of all every popular languages. You may practice French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish, English, etc.

How long are each Intercambio session?

That would depend on yourself and your practicing partner. You may arrange for 30 minutes, or longer. Many times, a session may last up to 2 hours or more. Some may choose to meet for coffee, or visit a museum, or you may get invited to go to the beach, join an all-day excursion, visit an interesting site in a close by city, attend a barbeque, join your Intercambio and his/her friends for a night out, etc.

Location: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, United States


How to Join? Send contact information, details of languages that you speak, and the one you wish to practice, along with your location. Send email to

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let us know.

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