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NIK | LAS offers translations and interpreting services in the following languages:

English | Spanish | French | Italian | Portuguese | German

For a quote, please send us the document that you wish to translate, and receive within 24-48 hours the cost and duration for the completion of the work. All emails can be sent to:

We offer the following services:


Conversion of written documents from one language to another, and includes proofreading. Any type of documents legal, medical, official, news, radio, television, marketing, products, ads, personal correspondence, institutional, educative, technology, brochures, pamphlets, or cultural materials are welcomed.  $0.12 per word or $30.


Correction of translated materials by professionals. Priced at


Converting audio recording into words on a page. $0.24 per word

Literary Translation

Specialized translation of literature, which includes proofreading novels, novellas, stories, poetry, lyrics, screenplays, play-scripts and any other written art form does fall under this category. $0.20 per word.


Oral translation from one language to another. * Consecutive and simultaneous interpretations are available. $30.00 per hour (Max 8 hrs) or $15.00 per 30 minutes or under $200.00 per day.


  • Complete our form and submit any additional information about your request, such as date, location, type of subject matter, target language, and any other specific requirements, or details. Note: Commute time is billed for commute more than 30 minutes away.
  • You will receive our speedy quote with 24-48 hours and the PayPal payment notification via your email; check them, and confirm the appointment date, as well as other requested specifications.
  • Pay for the service with PayPal (If there are any extra charges incurred that were not included in the initial quote, they will be added).

Please send all additional inquiries to:

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