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Volunteers Programs are offered in the following countries:

countries-featured-argentinaVolunteer in Argentina

We offer students the option of volunteering while taking classes.

There are a number of volunteer opportunities to choose from and these classes provide students with the possibility of using their Spanish in real life situations while supporting the local community.




What's included?

  • • Working with Underprivileged Youth
  • • Social Services
  • • Tutoring and Academic Support
  • • Teaching English
  • • Volunteer with Senior Citizens
  • • Fundraising
  • • Environmental Volunteering
  • • Helping People with Disabilities


Quick Facts

Start Dates Every Monday

Commitment Average of 15 Hours per Week

Age 18 yrs and Up

Price Volunteer placement

Spanish Level Opportunities available for all Spanish levels

Duration Minimum 2 Weeks of Volunteer

Location Maximum 2 Hour Commute from the school

Schedule Morning or Afternoon

Volunteer Information


Since Argentina's economic breakdown in 2001, Argentina has faced varying degrees of financial challenges, in particular a rise in poverty levels and a lack of proper funding for education, public services and community development. As a result, various non-governmental organizations have stepped up to the challenge and have begun developing programs that focus on strengthening community aid programs and stimulating local growth.

Despite its recent troubles, Buenos Aires, Argentina remains a beautiful capital city rich in both Latin American and European cultural influences. From the lively streets of La Boca to the chic waterside district of Puerto Madero to the tango-inspired and bohemian San Telmo neighborhood, Buenos Aires offers an ideal environment for your unique Spanish and volunteer experience in Argentina.





Hours per week

Spanish level

Start date*

Teaching English

Volunteers will have the chance to volunteer in various schools, educational facilities and centers helping educate youths and adults in Buenos Aires.

Min. 15 hours

Beginner - Advanced

Any Monday

Volunteer in the Community

Our Volunteering in the community programs see volunteers working with locals to provide support and friendship.

Min. 15 hours

Beginner - Advanced

Any Monday

Volunteer with Senior Citizens

The Volunteering with Senior citizens programs offers participating volunteers the chance to work directly with senior citizens.

Min. 15 hours

Beginner - Advanced

Any Monday

Volunteer with Underprivileged Youth

This program is aimed at improving the overall quality of life of the underprivileged youth in Buenos Aires. Volunteers will be working closely with children to better their day-to-day lives and living environment.

Min. 15 hours

Beginner - Advanced

Any Monday

Teaching English is not available from December 10 to March 10, due to school holidays.

Volunteer In Brazil

countries-featured-brazilWithin the broad range of educational opportunities at home and abroad work internships, provide one of the best ways to learn about the job you hope to have. A volunteer will acquaint you, in a practical way, with the career options in your field of study and offer first-hand opportunities to test your knowledge and examine your career plans.
Irena-146x146The traditional view of education for both students and professional is under the microscope as Universities and companies world-wide look for the most effective ways to train people to work in today's global markets. The rational Higher Education program alone cannot fully prepare you fro what you will face on-the-job. International business skills and second language competency are now a necessity.

Whatever your area of study might be, through the NIK|LAS organization you may have the opportunity to gain real-life experience abroad. You will experience for yourself the very different Portuguese business protocols; learn to do business in a completely different culture, and gain fluency in both formal Portuguese as well as local and profession-specific jargon. These factors which may well mean the difference between business success and failure.

Become a Volunteer

Brazil-Volunteer-KidsGlobalization has made information more accessible for all and has also stimulated the world consciousness about the need to assist nations. The Volunteer experience was designed to fulfill people's desire to "make a difference" in other people's life. The idea is to spread solidarity in an international scope.


Right now in Brazil, we have various different projects in several cities: Curitiba, Florianópolis, Sao Paulo, Salvador da Bahia and Rio de Janeiro.



Structure of the Program

The Volunteer Program consists of 2 phases:

1st: minimum 4 weeks of Standard Portuguese language (in Maceio, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador).

2nd: the volunteer placement, lasting 2 to 12 weeks (in Alagoas, Maceio, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, São Paulo, and Florianopolis).

I Part - Course

The length of the Portuguese-language portion will help you to quickly acquire the needed fluency. Written skills test are given to identify your starting level. You will work to achieve a functional intermediate level before the start of the volunteer placement. The minimum length for the Portuguese course is 4 weeks.

Language Skill exam fee: $150 USD (For non-beginners, who skip the language course phase)

Location: Maceio, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador

II Part: The Volunteer Period



Globalization has made information more accessible for all and has also stimulated the world consciousness about the need to assist nations. The Volunteer experience was designed to fulfill people's desire to "make a difference" in other people's life. The idea is to spread solidarity in an international scope.

Right now in Brazil, we have various different projects in several cities: Curitiba, Florianópolis, Sao Paulo, Salvador da Bahia and Rio de Janeiro.

Wildlife Conservation Volunteer

Wildlife-Conservation-Experience-IIIThis non-profit Wildlife conservation organization encourages actions in behalf of nature preservation, in the best interests of quality of life for future generations, through the conservation of biodiversity, the rational use of natural resources and the preservation of endangered species.

Located just 30 km from Curitiba's downtown, the jaguar breeding ground is home to over 1000 species under permanent care and treatment, many of which are endangered.

Location: Curitiba - Paraná





Childcare House Volunteer

Children-Care-HouseThis organization was created to house children removed from the custody of their parents by the Brazilian Guardianship due to complaints of abuse and violence, as well as, children who are waiting to be returned to their biological family or adoption.

The house currently shelters children from the ages of 0 to 12 years-old. They try to fulfill all the children's needs, providing not only shelter, food and education but also assistance from doctors, psychologists and all those volunteers who are willing to donate love.

Location: Curitiba - Paraná





Environmental Conservation Volunteer

Conservation-ExperienceHere, you will have the opportunity to learn about conservation issues in Brazil while making a volunteer contribution. It is a good opportunity to experience the Brazilian Culture by being close to the community, at the same time you will enjoy the Rio's amazing lifestyle!

One of the most visited National Parks in Brazil with an ongoing society commitment to preserve a large green area in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The Park is a Tropical forest in the urban area, made up of several species of Atlantic Forest. It contributes, among other things, to maintain the temperature, supply water, and the exuberant and verdant mountainous silhouette that makes Rio de Janeiro wonderful.

The Park presents a diverse flora and fauna, natural beauties, such as waterfalls and caves, besides sheltering architectural buildings of great historical and artistic value, such as the Cristo Redentor.

Location: Rio de Janeiro

Youth Community Center Volunteer

This is a good opportunity to experience the Brazilian Culture by being close to the community, at the same time you will enjoy the Rio's amazing lifestyle!

This non-profit organization operates on the behalf of children and adolescents at social risk between the ages of 6 to 18 years-old. The association function with the help of cooperative arrangements with national and international, corporate donors and civil society. Its performance is focused on community oriented work and offers educational activities such as art, music, sports and recreation for youths of the nearby communities and neighborhoods. Youths in a situation of social vulnerability spend half of their day at the center, and the other half at school. Their participation in the program means that they can avoid the streets, and elements of drugs and violence.

Location: Rio de Janeiro

Children Family School Volunteer

Family-School-IThis is a good opportunity to experience the Brazilian Culture by being close to the community, at the same time you will enjoy the Rio's amazing lifestyle!

This organization is a “Family School” which works to redeem comprehensive health, self-esteem and citizenship to high-risk families by promoting social inclusion.

Their goal is to go beyond treatment of patients, by supporting their parents to understand the disease and to participate and collaborate in their treatment. They provide psychosocial and educational support for children,

teenagers and their families to assure their health recovery after intensive treatment in the hospital. The objective is to avoid rehospitalization.

They believe that educating for health, for life and to create employment and income, they could in fact contribute for the social inclusion of those families.

Location: Rio de Janeiro

Children Outreach Volunteer

Located in the center of Florianópolis, this non-profit entity provides school support for kids ages 8 - 16 years who are facing difficulties in their studies as well as keeping them away from the streets. Kids are separated by age, as well as, morning and afternoons groups. Each group develops several activities during the week, such as: recreation, drawing, painting, writing, singing songs, playing games, reading, listening to stories, preparing play presentations, etc.

Location: Florianópolis, SC

Start Dates

Florianópolis: 14 Apr, 5 May, 2 Jun, 15 Sept, 6 Oct, 3 Nov

Rio de Janeiro: 6 Jan, 3 Feb, 3 Mar, 7 Apr, 5 May, 2 & 29 Jun, 3 Aug, 1 Sept, 6 Oct, 3 Nov

Curitiba: 6 Jan, 3 Feb, 3 Mar, 7 Apr, 5 May, 2 & 29 Jun, 3 Aug, 1 Sept, 6 Oct, 3 Nov, 1 Dec


Some NGO's may provide lodging and meals during the duration of your volunteer placement.

Services Include

  • 2 weeks or up to 20 weeks of Volunteer
  • Requesting and receiving information on all volunteer candidates, reviewing application, and drawing up a list of possible volunteer placements;
  • Conferring with the candidates via e-mail or telephone to confirm area of interest and counsel on volunteer experience options;
  • Approaching the sponsoring organization and achieving placements;
  • Maintaining contact with both the candidates and the sponsoring organizations to ensure that the volunteer run smoothly;
  • Intervening to resolve any difficulties or misunderstandings between the volunteer and the sponsors, to assure mutual satisfaction.

APPLICATION: required documents

  • Résumé in Portuguese or English. (Example Provided)
  • Short essay (1-2 pages): the student has to focus on the kind of experience he/she wants to have, what kind of volunteer the student prefers, and why.
  • Applicant has to send the documents by e-mail to: volunteer@nik-las.com
  • Deposit of $250 USD
  • Send documents at least 2-3 months before arrival date

Please, make sure your medical insurance covers you during your stay in Brazil; otherwise we can make arrangements for you to receive in this case.

Volunteer in Jamaica

countries-featured-jamaicaVolunteers give back to local communities, schools or organizations by identifying needs and offering their time and skills to implement change. Have fun and explore this tropical paradise. Learn about Jamaica’s vibrant culture, rich history and explore our national treasures while having the opportunity to live like a local.

Our programs are available all year round, allowing you to take part when you can.

There is 24/7 support for emergencies from a team of dedicated staff that is always available to speak with you. Understand that when you volunteer in Jamaica, safety and security are your # 1 priority .Because of this, we do more and go further to ensure your safety. Safety procedures begin from the moment you are greeted at the airport, when transporting you, at your accommodation and at your placement.

We work with groups of all types: church and mission groups, college students, high school and teens, friends, sports teams, corporate groups, faculty led groups and individuals who want to join a group.

There are the following types of volunteer experiences available:


Orphanage and Child Care Volunteer - Jamaica is often associated with crystal clear water and stunning beaches, but the island is much more than great beaches… It has huge communities of poor people and a large number of these are children. To solve this problem, the government, churches and non-profit organizations have established Orphanages and childcare facilities. Help is needed to support the staff running the centers.


volunteer-coaching-jamaicaSports Coaching Volunteering - If your passion is coaching, then Jamaica is the place for you. Sports play a significant role in the Jamaican culture. Our 100 & 200 metres world record holder Usain Bolt’s success has ignited the passion of our local athletes, so there is always a group of athletes ready and waiting to start training for the big break. Jamaica has one of the most well organized and vibrant track & field programs in the world, and most schools train their athletes all year.

Sports volunteer coaching programs for football (soccer) is another passion on the island. In every community, there is a football field.


Teaching and Education volunteer - Have you ever wondered what it is like to do teaching abroad? You can impact the lives of teens, and young children while learning a new culture. Volunteering abroad as a teacher is a great reason to visit Jamaica. You will make a difference, develop valuable life skills and have the adventure of your life! Working in schools will offer the shortcut to make fast friends while learning about the food, language and culture. Volunteer opportunities are available for you to work in three types of schools: Basic school for ages 3– 6, Primary School for ages 6 – 12, and Secondary schools for ages 12 – 17. Class sizes will be approximately 35 – 40 students. As a teacher in Jamaica you’ll be working alongside the local staff, but have the option to teach specific subjects on your own. Other times you’ll work one–on-one with students.


Conservation & Environment Project Abroad - Are you an advocate of environmental conservation projects abroad and want to share your passions with others?



Volunteer at National Park - The Royal Botanic Gardens of Hope, located in Kingston Jamaica, is one of the largest botanical garden in the Caribbean. It features many indigenous, exotic native flora, and fauna. Over the years the park has been deteriorated by vandals. Today, a non-profit organization by the name of Nature Preservation Foundation runs the gardens and Zoo

This offers volunteer opportunities for an environmental conservation projects to improve the plant conservation. This facility works to increase the conservation of plant species with a focus on the endemic species, to help ensure the beauty and diverse natural resources of the Island. There is need for continuous research on identifying new plant species, and developing irrigation methods. Some activities include, soil erosion control, maintenance of the park’s nursery garden, studying the rare flora and fauna found in the park and assisting in the construction and maintenance of trails within the park.


Volunteer in Human Rights - Interested in human rights? Learn about social issues by working alongside those directly affected. Help to raise awareness of human rights, assist those who are suffering from issues with domestic violence, housing disputes, children’s shelters, at risk youths and disadvantaged communities.

Jamaica has many volatile communities where juveniles and the unemployed live with a lack of work and educational opportunities. Empowering these marginalized communities and at risk groups with information and education is the foundation of the universal human rights principles.


Volunteer Building Projects - This project is a great way to give back and discover a new culture. If you enjoy working with your hands and love a physically-demanding challenge you can have the opportunity to assist with carpentry, painting, plumbing or other general construction work. You will work alongside expert local builders who will guide you and pass on the skills needed to complete the construction process


Animal Volunteer Programs - Are you looking to do dog volunteer work or maybe you are just looking for veterinary care volunteer? There are many opportunities to care for animals in Jamaica as many pet owners find they are unable to care for their pets and cannot afford the high cost of veterinary services.

Pets are often abandoned on the streets and left to wander in search of food. Because of this, several non-profit organizations have established shelters for these homeless animals and are offering animal volunteer programs. If you are a student studying veterinary medicine, have no prior experience but just enjoy looking after animals and want to learn more, there are opportunities to get involved with hands on work.

Some tasks include: Exercising and socializing dogs, Care for injured animals, Rehabilitating the animals who have been mistreated, for those trained in veterinary medicine, there are opportunities to perform declawing, ear trims, sac removal, wound repair, surgery and more.


Agriculture Volunteer Abroad - Experience Jamaica in a whole new way as you explore the culture first hand by working alongside local farmers. In most communities in Jamaica, owning a small farm is vital for having a cheap source of starch, vegetables and fruits. Excess food are sold by each farmer in the community or used as barter for other goods and services.

If you are interested in sustainable agriculture volunteer projects and curious about the agricultural procedures of small farming and how they play a role in the people’s lives, this project could be ideal for you.

Participants do not need previous experience to participate in sustainable farming, but t you need is the willingness to take instructions, a spirit of humility, energy and a strong work ethic. If you love working with the soil and getting your hands dirty, the farmers in the community will welcome your advice and be grateful for your help.


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