Resident Assistants (RAs) are student peer leaders responsible for entire communities of students. The RA position is more than just a job; it is a leadership journey that will challenge you and offer infinite opportunities for your success and development.

The Nikitas Language Abroad Schools apartment-style community in Seville-Spain welcomes applications for the Student Resident Assistant position for the academic year.

We are strongly committed to the celebration of diversity and actively seek RAs who can serve as role models and have the ability to work with a widely diverse student population.

Our Resident Assistant provide an atmosphere that enhances the development of students while assuming responsibility for management and administration of a mixed-gender student housing 10-35 students from different universities across the globe and diverse academic focus.

Do these statements describe you?

I’m looking for an exciting leadership opportunity.
I want to share the experiences I’ve had working with groups and be a resource to others.
I am willing to learn more about what it means to work with a diverse population.
I want to be a member of, and contribute to, a staff team.
If so, consider becoming a RA!


How does it work?

Student Resident Assistant will live in our student housing and are responsible for the living environment in student housing of 10-45 students. Specific duties include: a commitment to student interaction and mentoring; programmatic support; personal conflict intervention and crisis management; judicial administration; participating in on-call duty rotation; coordinating maintenance and facility issues; acting as liaison to students and the organization.

As a live-in staff member, the RA promotes diversity through role modeling, challenging students, and emphasizing respect; is responsible for developing activities emphasizing orientation to the city, leadership and community development from students arrival to departure dates; serves as a hearing officer for the student conduct process with full sanctioning abilities; regularly interacts with students during nights and weekends; works with maintenance staff to preserve the facilities; participates in evening and weekend duty rotation;

What are the Benefits of Becoming a RA?

Leadership experience! A chance to learn new skills or enhance those you already have in an international environment. Experience for your intended career path; employers know what being a RA means, so it’s a great resume builder.

NIK|LAS also provide housing, and RAs live in furnished single-room in a shared apartment. RAs in apartment housing will share an apartment with 2 - 4 other students.

RAs receive a cash stipend of $1200.00 per semester. It is typically paid out 4 times per semester (depending on when the staff member's contract begins). It is not possible to pre-pay the RA.

A local mobile telephone with voicemail capability is provided.

When Would I Begin the Position?

RAs are hired for a semester or the academic year (2 consecutive semesters) [pending satisfactory job performance and availability]. The contract period consists of the move-in date through the day after semester ends.

When Does Training Take Place?

The 'training period' begins with the day you’re required to move-in. The move-in date for new RAs for Fall will be approximately August 15 / January 5. If you accept the position offer, you cannot expect to have any other time commitments during the training period. Other time commitments include, but are not limited to: winter or summer session classes, internships, vacations, family trips, training for other organizations, etc.

What about academic obligations?

Newly-hired RAs are not allowed to participate in any academic course, program, internship, student teaching, fieldwork, etc. that would require their absence from job post 5 days per week during the period of employment.

As an RA, you must be enrolled in a semester or academic yearlong program in Seville as a full-time student (graduate or undergraduate).

How will I be able to Maintain Balance between Being an RA and Being a Student?

Keep in mind that you are a student first and foremost. We also understand that you may also want to be involved in other activities or hold another job.

If you’re interested in participating in co-curricular activities or holding a job outside the RA position, you must talk with your supervisor once hired, to determine if this will be possible. The supervisor will ensure that the combination of your course load, the requirements of the position, and the requested activities or outside work, will not impair your academic progress or ability to perform the RA position.

Can I Apply for Summer Positions?

We fill our summer positions from within the Spring period.


Seville - SPAIN, JAMAICA, New York - USA






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