YOUNG INNOVATOR PROGRAM (a practical and theoretical study Program)
The Young Innovators Program was established to give creative, young, talented university students the opportunity to showcase their ability and ingenuity in creating ideas that will help to drive the impact of our company globally. They do this by taking a good look at the NIK|LAS organization and in a detailed paper propose ways to improve NIK|LAS' operation and to cross-challenging new frontiers.
Example Proposal:
  • Marketing to students in Beijing, China?
  • 6 ways to bring French nationals to Spain?
  • Improving or adding feature to web page to improve e-commerce.
  • 3 additional services that would best appeal to the Scandinavian travelers
We are seeking strong leaders, who are detailed-oriented, highly energetic, self-motivated, self-efficient, creative and well-rounded individuals to participate as a Young Innovator for each of our locations in the US, Jamaica, or Europe for 6-8 weeks.
Though, it is not a required that the Young Innovator may function as a Campus Rep, it can be essential in giving the candidate better insight of how we function as a company and the services we offer. While at the same time preparing them to better tackles the arguments of their Innovator's proposal.
  • Develop a strong, detailed paper/presentation about proposal to its completion.
  • Work a 20hrs/week, along with some weekends
  • Meet students at airport or train station
  • Function in Customer service role in responding to questions on our services and programs via email or telephone
  • Be placed on call for Emergencies at Lodging Site outside of Office hours.
  • Oversees coordination, distribution and maintenance of lodging
  • Serves as a primary liaison to the students
  • Greets clients at lodging and handles check-in and Check-out
  • Assist with the overall coordination and management of programs, including various administrative and logistical tasks, communications and transport, this may include driving.
  • Respond to unforeseen circumstances and emergencies with customers and supporting your staff team
  • May participate in various program activities and events, such as, excursions, evening outings, etc
  • Demonstrated ability to be both creative and detail-oriented when planning
  • Possess strong leadership, communication and organizational skills
  • Experience working with young adults or student organizations; examples include volunteering with youth-oriented programs, tutoring or mentoring young adults, serving as a leader in Student Government or with a fraternity or sorority, or serving as a Resident Assistant in a college dorm.
  • Language Ability: we require good knowledge of English. For non-English locations, the selected candidate will possess at least basic working knowledge of the local language.
  • Studies: Economics, Marketing, Advertising, Sales, Business, Management, Hospitality or Tourism
  • Valid Driver's license a plus.
Additional Qualifications
  • Experience traveling abroad, especially in the country of interest
  • Experience, living and working in an international environment
  • Lodging: Shares an apartment with one other Young Innovator or Intern
  • Language study: 3-6 weeks of language preparation in the local language school with Certification at completion**
  • Stipend: A typical weekly stipend is $140 -190
  • Learn and practice a foreign language in an international environment
  • Apply classroom learning to a professional project
  • Receive recommendation letter from Director at the end of the program
**Language courses are provided as needed



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