NIK|LAS logoNikitas Language Abroad Schools (NIK|LAS) offers the highest quality of creatively diverse immersions programs at an affordable cost, and we do not sacrifice quality in doing so. Our year round programs facilitate cross-cultural learning in a fun and engaging environment that nourishes cultural exchange and academic growth.

We are sensitive to the desires for diverse educational programs that richly blend language with culture, people and history. We nurture an environment for the Intercambio experience, which provides uniquely positive influence on your travel experience. NIK|LAS also provides beautifully furnished apartment suites for medium to long-term students and travelers.

We continue to innovate in providing a complete suite of services that fits the interests of our diverse customers. Our various services are not only a reflection of your diverse interests; they are illustrations of our continued goal to make your experience with us, more enjoyable, more exciting, and even more affordable. We absolutely insist on the ultimate in quality. In doing so, we work with some of the best language schools and most professional accommodation owners.

NIK|LAS central office is based in the U.S. but maintains a highly specialized network of exclusive Representative located in each target region. As a result, we are able to apply considerably relevant information to the global community via local Representative. We combine great fun and serious learning, while emphasizing an uncompromising commitment to quality and efficient service in our language programs, lodging and service options.

 President M. Nikita Palmer





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