This Work & Study program combines a Italian course (4 weeks minimum) in several NIK|LAS destination with a job placement after your course in the coastal region of Lecce, Italy. 

We offer young student travellers the opportunity to experience the Italian culture firsthand. Learn or improve your Spanish language skills with an in-country course, and later put your new skills to good use while you work in one of the most famous tourist resorts of Italy.

After your Italian course (Standard), you will have the opportunity to work in the Coast of Lecce, allowing you to practice your Italian while financing your stay in Italy.


Candidate's Profile

This program is opened to to nationals from: ANDORRA, ICELAND, ISRAEL, MONACO, NORWAY, SAN MARINO, SWITZERLAND,  and citizens of THE EUROPEAN UNION (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania). 

Age between 18-35 years. 

Structure of the Program
The NIK|LAS Study & Work Program consists of 2 phases:

1st: Minimum 4 weeks of Standard Italian language (available in Rome, Florence, Lecce, Milan, Sienna).
2nd: The Work placement may last 2 months or more
I Part - Course
The program is designed to help improve your effectiveness as a Italian Speaker, so you can be more efficient in your work post. With a higher level of Italian, you’ll be more likely to land a more interesting and potentially tip-earning position, as a bartender or waiter, for example.  Arrangements can be made to take extra courses before you start your work placement.  In order to qualify for the work placement you must have an upper intermediate level of fluency.

Location: Rome, Florence, Lecce, Milan, Sienna

II Part: The Work Placement Period

You will work in Coast of Lecce area.  It is one of Italy's popular tourist destinations. The area's mild climate is the root attraction that makes it possible to enjoy the beaches and a wide variety of outdoor activities year round. You’ll likely work in the resort areas of Lecce. Work placements are in  3 to 5 star hotels.

Employers: Hotels, Fast Food restaurant, International Cuisine restaurant, Italian Supermarket, Restaurants/Coffee, Beach Bar Club, Cafeteria, and Golf Resorts.

Type of Positions: Bartender, Amusement park attendant, Waiter/Waitress, Kitchen assistant, Waiters’ Assistant (Runner), Hostess (in restaurants, cafes, bars, amusement parks...) or in general services like shops, boutiques.... 

Work Placement Fees: $850 USD

The work period will be:  2 months to 3 months.

On-site Language Skill exam fee: $140 USD (For non-beginners, who skip the language course phase)

Start Dates:                     March - November

Location: Lecce, Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca, Costa de Salento, Otranto, Pescara, Rome, Milan, Venice, Perugia, and others
APPLICATION: required documents
  • Résumé  in Italian European Format. (Example Provided)
  • Short essay (1 page): Detailing specifically the kind of experience the student wants to have, what kind of work placement is preferred, and why.
  • Enrollment Form 
  • Send the documents by e-mail to:
  • Registration Deposit of $250 USD (Registration cannot be accepted without this payment ) 
  • Send documents at least 2-3 months before arrival date



This program is opened to to nationals from:  American, Australian, Canadian, Kiwi, and South African participants.

Teach English Abroad

Get Certified to Teach English with us! Any of our TESL/TEFL TESOL certificates will qualify you for teaching English in private language schools in Italy or elsewhere in the world. You can gain certification for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in Florence, Italy.

Course includes:
  •  Emphasis on basic vocabulary; Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills; and communicative grammar
  • Observation of Experienced English teacher
  • Teaching input session with experienced English Teacher based in Italy
  • Language Analysis
  • Comprehensive exam review
  • CV/job assistance session (option)
  • T.E.F.L. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate
  • etc.
Start Dates
 Start Dates:                   16 Jan, 27 Feb, 26 Mar,7 May, 4 Jun, 2 Jul, 30 Jul, 3 Sept, Oct, 29 Oct, 26 Nov
Location: Florence
Teaching Practice
We also offer Teaching Practice in Florence for 1 or 2 weeks. Only TEFL or TESOL certificate holders or current enrollees can be considered for Teaching Practice (and observation).

It includes:

  •  In class lesson planning;
  • Observation of ESL/EFL teaching videos;
  • Observations of live teaching practice with feedback;
  • Teaching practice preparation time;
  • Scheduled lesson planning help with professional teacher;
  • Live teaching practice with experienced teacher observer with feedback;
  • Access to job board; information CV/resume preparation session;
  • Recommendation letter based on teaching practice.
At least two hours of Teaching Practice can be guaranteed and are required per week; other volunteer opportunities for teaching practice are often made available.
Start Dates

Any Monday (except 16 Jan, 27 Feb, 26 Mar, 7 May, 4 Jun, 2 Jul, 3 Sept, 1 Oct, 29 Oct, 26 Nov,

Location: Florence
Teaching Programs
After completing a TESL/TEFL TESOL Certificate course, get some additional English teaching experience by applying to any of the following teaching programs. Apply directly to the program listed in each link for more information:
Click on the above links for more information about teaching programs in Italy and apply directly to the prospective companies:




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