NIK|LAS is looking for energetic, and organized individuals to represent us in student communities across the globe. These individuals may represent us in their communities in generating sales by referring customers or at local University Study-Abroad Fairs. Our practical and efficient system allows us to track & credit your referrals to your account. You have the ability to contact us anytime to find out how many referrals you have to date.
  • Serves as primary contact for offers of the NIK|LAS organization with local client base
  • Clients' services position dealing with all aspects of student petitions, customer relations and telephone sales for the local market.
  • Tremendous self-motivation, dedication, energy, patience. We need people who are serious, professional, reliable and responsible, and who can function effectively while working independently.
  • Most important attribute is the ability to function effectively independently
  • Language Ability: we require good knowledge of English.
  • Preferred Studies: Foreign Language, Business, Tourism, Sales, Marketing, Hospitality, etc.
  • Sales for Course or lodging only trips receive $20 USD per trip.
  • For every ten (10) paid in full participants that travel on any of our complete trips (study course & lodging) that you referred, you will receive $30 USD per person for each trip participant. Commission could begin with you and a friend. Reps who actively promotes our trips through personal contact with students, clubs, schools, etc. makes the most money or discount towards own trip.
  • Sell over thirty (30) complete trips AND in addition to Cash Incentives, you will receive a 2-week voucher for stay in one of NIK|LAS Lodging Double Room in our European locations offered in Spain. Note: Room Occupancy for 2 persons
  • Sell over one hundred (100) complete trips will receive two (2) free round trip air tickets to anywhere in US, Caribbean or Europe!
Payments are made to Rep after 2nd sale, and upon each sale after. However, some reps prefer to collect payments directly from customers and then forward payments to us, we have no problem with this procedure, in such cases, send us the total minus your portion.
This program offers you the potential of making THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS or accumulating many free trips without any obligation, or cost to you!!!
When you recommend and sell our trips, your friends and students will receive the best travel experience at the best price! Our staff is available to answer any questions through our email at Students can also make arrangements to meet the NIK|LAS Team as they travel to various locations.
Set up an information table at your school. We will pick up the cost. Contact us at for the details.




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