Our students come from all over the world and spend a very important part of their lives with us.

We have dedicated this portion of our website to let you learn about their experiences with us at our different venues.




Angela Tenney, student from USAStudent:          Angela Tenney
From:                USA
Destination:  Vitória da Conquista, Bahia, BRAZIL -  2 months (2009)
Program:         Internship in Chemistry

..I spent two months working for ZAB Comolimpa Industria Quimica in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia. I worked in the laboratory of their main factory, where I ran quality control tests on samples of each product before it was packaged and sold. Because the company was relatively small, I was able to learn the entire process of production, from making the bottles to loading the delivery trucks, and I also got to see how the different departments of the company worked with each other.

Without a doubt my favorite part of the experience were the people I met, including my boss who arranged fun trips for me to other factories, his daughters who loved practicing their English with me, and, most importantly, the people I lived with, who welcomed me as a member of their family from the very minute I arrived and took such good care of me that I never felt lonely or homesick for my own family. I had an absolutely amazing time in Brazil and have no doubt that I will be returning many times in the future."

Student:          Beatriz Medina
From:                Mexico
Destination:  São Paulo, São Paulo, BRAZIL -   3 months (2010)
Program:         Internship in  Tourism Business
Age:                   20 years old

...I wanted to do an internship in a foreign country but I have never thought about Brazil. I did an internship as bar assistant, in the bar-restaurant "BARNALDO-LUCRECIA" SP, SAO PAULO. I loved the city in all ways. Sao Paulo is an incredible place and it doesn't stops!!! Sao has everything: "good food, nice night clubs, friendly and smiling people".
At the Bar, I learned a lot of things, the people from Barnaldo are wonderful and bar has an environment that makes you feel always happy, besides its unique and quality service.

(I chose the host family accommodation), ...and I had the luck to know a family that always helped me in every moment. Actually most of the people I met so far are a true inspiration to me, they all have always a lot of energy and the best attitude to do everything. Here in Sao Paulo everybody lives from their passion.

I think Brasil is a great country to do any kind of thing, specially an exchange. I believe that you will fall in love with everything. During my internship I participated in an interview of a television program. I loved it, it was very interesting because it was live, we talked about cultural internship and the point of discussion was to know whether it is better to work or to study. I believe both are very good because you gain a personal experience and a lot of knowledge but you also share and simultaneously create new life experiences and friendships for a lifetime.

Student:          Zeljka Grgic
From:                Bosnia
Destination:  Maringá, Paraná, BRAZIL  - 2 months (2009)
Program:         Internship in Architecture and Civil Engineering
Age:                   20 years old

“I always wanted to visit Brazil, to see if the story about people dancing in the street is true! To see country that samba is coming from, to meet carnival people. I was in Brazil for a short time, but a nice period to learn and experience enough. I visited south and north and saw differences between them. For the whole first month I was living and working in Maringa, south Brazilian town in a Parana state.

I was working in ArqMais Planejamento, Projetos e Obras LTDA, architectural office. It was great professional experience. I was excited and surprised whenever I found some difference between making project in my country and in Brazil. Differences that climate and way of life are causing. The most surprising thing was a place for barbecue in every house project. But very soon I realized why â?¦ With Brazilian people I had barbecued every weekend. They spend a lot of time outside the house, enjoying the sun, eating meat, dancing and having fun. The other thing that I liked a lot was dancing all the time.

In Brazil, everybody is dancing- older, younger, boys and girls, grandmothers and fathers. When the music starts, they just grab the first person next to them, and dance in couples. Everybody dances, and knows to dance very well. It is great country to get old... to get old dancing. I was constantly surrounded by happy, excited and friendly people. Everybody wanted to talk with me, to help me. I found the people of Brazil to be so kind, so patient and joyful to be around me. My overall experience was life changing. I am still the same, but I look at the things in a different way. I am more relaxed, confident, and more friendly and patient with people... I am trying to be and act like Brazilian.

The only problem that I had was the fact that I was the only foreign student in Maringa, during my trainee period. For the first few days, until I met some Brazilian friends that speak English, I was little bit lonely. And, my trips, to Brasilia and Rio I had to organize alone. It was difficult, but now when all ended, I realized - it was advantage. I spent time only with Brazilian people, doing things that Brazilians are doing. I actually lived real Brazilian life. I, probably, learned more about Brazilian culture and habits, than other foreign students that hang with each other. Regarding the trips, I saw Brasilia, Foz de Iguaçu and Rio. Brasilia was great architectural experience, city, totally different, than any other. Foz de Iguaçu is a miracle of nature. I was looking its waterfalls with my mouth wide open. And Rio... Rio was something special. This city is so rich and alive that you even don't want to sleep. And sometimes you really don't. And wherever I went, I had such luck to meet good people that offered me place to stay and a lot of their time. Maybe it was luck, or it was just Brazil. I got so much love from Brazil. I will try to spread that love further.”

Student:          Callie Starkey
From:                UK
Destination:  São Paulo, São Paulo, BRAZIL  - 4 months (2009)
Program:         Internship in Architecture

“ internship has been incredible. I chose Brazil because it is somewhere that not a lot of English people know too much about. I wanted to discover a totally new environment to force myself to face the unknown to build my confidence in new situations.

Now I realise there is nothing too difficult or scary in this world to face. São Paulo is fun and full of life and not as dangerous as my research suggested.

My biggest love is the food here. "Por kilo" especially is so fresh and healthy, my body is thanking me for not eating English junk food. Learning about 35% of Portuguese, a language I never heard before was at first very difficult, but in only 2 months and a half and a lot of effort I can´t believe how much I understand and can speak! It is a big reward to join in with a conversation. The people are some of the friendliest people I have ever met and I would gladly live here. I have never felt lonely here. I will be taking back the warmth of "Gringa" to England with me.

My company "Mauro Munhoz Arquitectura" is brilliant. I have been on 2 site visits, getting a peek into the Pacembu museum de futebol and Estudios Quantos(television studios) in construction. After working in only a small company in England, this is a big leap up the ladder. I have also visited Foz de Iguaçu, São Sebastion, Praia Guaica, Paraty and Ouro Preto. To me these are places in paradise and saving all my money has been so worth it now that I can keep these memories of a lifetime."





Student:          Isabela Grotto
From:                São Paulo, Brazil
Destination:  Barcelona 8 weeks
Program:         Spain Hotel Work Training
Age:                   24 years old

I had a great experience both in Salamanca and Barcelona.

...In Barcelona, the accommodations at the hotel were not as good as I expected. The employee's rooms were in the basement level, which made everything very humid, and it was dark all the time, but other then that it was OK. I also made some friends there and the job wasn't hard at all, despite the fact that I had to wake up really early in the morning! I also went out a lot there, since it was a touristic city there was always plenty o things to do and see!

I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone, it's a great opportunity to grow and know new people and cultures.

...Also I would like to thank you from Nikitas 'Language Abroad Schools', for all the support and for the organization. Everything was according to the schedule, and I didn't have any problem when getting both in Salamanca and Barcelona.




Student:          Thomas YANEZ
From:                Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A.
Destination:   Cataguases, Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL - 10 weeks
Program:         Teach English Program
Age:                   20 years old

It has been a wonderful experience, thank you. I am really enjoying Brazilian culture and people. Although Cataguases is a little quiet for my taste, I am still having fun. I was in Rio for a few days last week... (and) I stayed at a hostel in Copacabana, and very much enjoyed the neighborhood.

The teaching has been going okay; I am confident (my student) will learn a lot by the time I leave in July.

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Student:          Adrian Diaz
From:                USA
Destination:  Salvador, Bahia, BRAZIL -  3 months
Program:         Volunteer in Sports Management (2010)

I am glad to say that Brazil has been great to me so far. I have met more people than I imagined I would in my first month and a half of being out here. My host Family is great and Vinicius has been a big help to me specially in my first couple of weeks. The language barrier at first was a little hard but with a few weeks of Portuguese classes and studying at home on my own, I have picked up on the language and after the first month I was able to ask and have small conversations with people. I felt like I had to pick up on the language as soon as possible because it wasn't fun not being able to communicate with anybody especially the kids in the basketball program that I was volunteering with 3-4 days a week. I plan on being fluent in Portuguese by the time I leave Brazil even if it means staying for additional months!

At first I was a little concerned about my safety just because of all of my friends and family telling me how dangerous Brazil was before I left for my trip. I told everybody I was aware of that when I submitted my application to Cultural Embrace. Yes, certain areas everywhere in Brazil can be dangerous but at the same time anywhere in the world including the United States can be as well, so those were my thoughts on the whole situation. Future study abroad students or interns shouldn't be discouraged on traveling to South America especially not Brazil because your safety lies in the hands of yourself. So if you trust the program in which you are working with and of course yourself then you shouldn't have a problem. I am not out here wearing expensive jewelry or my nice Michael Jordan basketball shoes everywhere I go but I am simply wearing the locals and majority of the people or younger aged kids wear, which are slippers. Adapting to their culture was mandatory for me regardless of who u are or what you like to do I think trying to fit in with their lifestyle is important.

The kids basketball program I work with is fun and I love it. Calabar district isn't the greatest and safest area to live or grow up in but Paulo who is the basketball program coach and coordinator is a really great person for doing what he does for these kids. He doesn't have a funding source for equipment and physical resources to help get these kids better at the game of basketball but he works simply with a few basketballs and a whistle. From what I have been told he doesn't even get paid for the work he does with these kids but he does it simply because he cares about the youth of this community and loves the game of basketball. The kids are great and fun to be around, I enjoy it a lot and they are constantly asking me questions about anything and everything. I can tell they look up to me whether it's because I am older, from the United States, have cool Nike basketball shoes, I am a decent player who can dunk the basketball, because I am just goofy and love to laugh with them, or if it's because I have told them that I found an organization in the United States that is willing to buy them all new pairs of basketball shoes since the majority of them don't have any when we practice. Whatever the reason may be, I recognize I am a role model to them and I am there to help them get better not only as a basketball player but also as an individual.

Travelling abroad is probably the second best decision I have made in my life and my first decision was moving away from home for college. It is important to test out different environments and cultures growing up. My thoughts on it were what other better way to do so by going to college in a different state and then upon graduation travelling to a different country to experience your field of choice with people worldwide! If anybody were ever asks me if I thought travelling or interning abroad was a good idea I wouldn't have on good reason to tell them no. I recommend it for a numerous amount of reasons and I am already looking in to planning my next trip for the future or potentially going to graduate school overseas. Salvador Brazil is a great place and I definitely look forward to coming back in the future and for sure in 2014 for the next World Cup!.

Student:          Axel MOREIRA
From:                Texas, USA
Destination:  Lisbon, PORTUGAL -  6 weeks
Program:         Standard Portuguese Language Studies
Lodging:         Homestay : Half-Board
Age:                  21 years old

I am doing great! I really enjoyed my time in Portugal! The school was great! I was able to increase my language fluency tremendously in 6 weeks and my host family was very nice and about 7 minutes away from the school (walking distance.) I only have positive memories from my time spent over there. The program fulfilled the cultural immersion I was hoping for, it was truly an unforgettable experience. Thank you for all you help!...

Student:          Lucy Martikyan
From:                California, USA
Destination:  Barcelona 2 weeks
Program:         Semi Standard Spanish Language Studies
Lodging:         Shared Apartment
Age:                  25 years old

I  have been mostly great, I've been busy exploring the city. Today I went to Dali's museum and it was one of the best things I've done in Spain. ... I'm really enjoying being out and loving the city.

I'm happy with the overall trip, in love with the city, and thankful for the program for giving an opportunity to meet great people...

Student:          Isabela Grotto
From:                São Paulo, Brazil
Destination:  Salamanca 4 weeks
Program:         Intensive Spanish Language Studies
Lodging:         Shared Apartment
Age:                  24 years old

I had a great experience both in Salamanca and Barcelona.

Salamanca especially, I just loved every day I spent there. The school was great and I really learned a lot. The teachers were very competent and patient, and were always available to help. The housing was really good too, it was right in front of a lovely park, near the school and everything else. What I liked the most in Salamanca is the fact that it's a small town, so I could go pretty much everywhere I wanted just walking. The night life was also great, it has great bars and places to go eat and dance at night. Besides, I really got along with my roommates, they were just so sweet, we became really good friends and we still keep in touch.

...Also I would like to thank you from Nikitas 'Language Abroad Schools', for all the support and for the organization. Everything was according to the schedule, and I didn't have any problem when getting both in Salamanca and Barcelona.

Student:          Marie Eriksson
From:                Östersund, Sweden
Destination:  Seville, 6 weeks
Program:         Intensive Spanish Language Studies
Lodging:         Shared Apartment
Age:                  22 years old

"... NIK|LAS helped me organize my language studies as well as accommodation arrangements in Seville since I was not sure which school to pick or how to find suitable accommodation. NIK|LAS provided me with a set of options and handled all practical details such as enrolment for the language course and booking of accommodation. I consider that NIK|LAS provides good quality and customized service when it comes to language courses as well as accommodation.
I would recommend this kind of service especially when you don´t speak the language very well since it helps you find a set of alternatives which will make it much easier to choose according to needs and budget."

Student:          Laura Babio
From:                Seville, Spain
Destination:  New York, NY, 2 weeks
Program:         Intensive English Language Studies
Lodging:         Shared Apartment
Age:                  35 years old

"... Quería agradecer a Nikitas Language Abroad Schools el genial viaje que he realizado a New York. El alojamiento estaba bien ubicado, algo retirado del centro pero ecónomico y con muy buena comunicación que era lo que yo estaba buscando. El curso de inglés de dos semanas de duración, 5 horas diarias de lunes a viernes, estuvo genial, las clases eran amenas, muy coloquiales, el profesor facilitaba material y te da la oportunidad de relacionarte con personas de otros países.
La ciudad de New York es fantástica, en la escuela te facilitan todo tipo de información sobre el metro, sitios para visitar, eventos.... ha sido una experiencia maravillosa que espero poder volver a repetir!!!! "



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