Our students come from all over the world and spend a very important part of their lives with us.

We have dedicated this portion of our website to let you learn about their experiences with us at our different venues.


Student:          Axel MOREIRA
From:                Texas, USA
Destination:  Lisbon, PORTUGAL   6 weeks
Lodging:         Homestay : Half-Board
Age:                  21 years old

I am doing great! I really enjoyed my time in Portugal! The school was great! I was able to increase my language fluency tremendously in 6 weeks and my host family was very nice and about 7 minutes away from the school (walking distance.) I only have positive memories from my time spent over there. The program fulfilled the cultural immersion I was hoping for, it was truly an unforgettable experience. Thank you for all you help!...

Student:          Lucy Martikyan
From:                California, USA
Destination:  Barcelona 3 weeks
Lodging:         Shared Apartment
Age:                  25 years old

Things have been mostly great, I've been busy exploring the city. Today I went to Dali's museum and it was one of the best things I've done in Spain. ... I'm really enjoying being out and loving the city.

I'm happy with the overall trip, in love with the city, and thankful for the program for giving an opportunity to meet great people...

I really like the place I'm staying and think (my roommate) is a wonderful person...

Student:          Isabela Grotto
From:                São Paulo, Brazil
Destination:  Salamanca 4 weeks
Lodging:         Shared Apartment
Age:                  24 years old

I had a great experience both in Salamanca and Barcelona.

...The housing was really good too, it was right in front of a lovely park, near the school and everything else. What I liked the most in Salamanca is the fact that it's a small town, so I could go pretty much everywhere I wanted just walking. The night life was also great, it has great bars and places to go eat and dance at night. Besides, I really got along with my roommates, they were just so sweet, we became really good friends and we still keep in touch.

...Also I would like to thank you from Nikitas 'Language Abroad Schools', for all the support and for the organization. Everything was according to the schedule, and I didn't have any problem when getting both in Salamanca and Barcelona.


Student:          Marie Eriksson
From:                Östersund, Sweden
Destination:  Seville, 6 weeks
Lodging:         Shared Apartment
Age:                  22 years old

"... NIK|LAS helped me organize my language studies as well as accommodation arrangements in Seville since I was not sure which school to pick or how to find suitable accommodation. NIK|LAS provided me with a set of options and handled all practical details such as enrolment for the language course and booking of accommodation. I consider that NIK|LAS provides good quality and customized service when it comes to language courses as well as accommodation.
I would recommend this kind of service especially when you don´t speak the language very well since it helps you find a set of alternatives which will make it much easier to choose according to needs and budget."

Student:          Alexandra Acuculitei
From:                Brasov, Romania
Destination:  Seville, 5 months
Lodging:         Shared Apartment
Age:                 20 years old

"My experience as an Erasmus student started long before I actually arrive to Spain, back when I was searching for a place to stay in Seville, Spain. From a distance of 3000 km it is a bit hard to find quality accommodation, but luckily I found on the internet a company (NIK|LAS.com) that provided this service for me.

The first thing I noticed was the detailed offer of apartments that the website provided, inclusive with photos of the locations. Then I was pleased to find out that we could communicate through email, which reduced my costs of renting. And most of all the service of reservation in advance of the apartment with just an advanced payment trough secured internet money transfer.

Since I did not know Seville I was lucky to benefit from a 24 hours pick-up service (since I arrived in Seville at 2 am) …(with) my huge luggage :)

A very nice thing happened when I arrived, after signing the accommodation contract I had immediate access to internet which enabled me to communicate with the persons back home. Also, (the NIK|LAS personnel) was very nice to guide me trough the city, present it to me and helping me adjust to this new city and culture.

The apartment was precisely as illustrated in the photos so I can give you a 9.5 out of 10 for this :)

One thing I did not have ERASMUS students from the same University as I, as flat mates but i fact it was a richer experience this way :)

About the guarantee pay that I made at the beginning it was all returned to me in full :) as stipulated in the contract (of course I did not brought any damages to the apartment . …It was very very important the fact that we had signed a contract all being legal this way. I had friends that had very unpleasant experiences because they did not have such a contract.

If I were to live in Spain one more time, I would definitely go trough this company again. So I recommend it to anyone who needs such a service."




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