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What is NIK|LAS?
A leader in international student exchange experience. NIK|LAS is a comprehensive online resource offering language exchange, student housing, internship and work programs in Argentina, Brazil, France, England, Ireland Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, and the United States. It is designed to ease the search process for the prospective student, offering simple navigation and reliable, updated international education information.
Why List your events on
  • We offer a variety of options to increase clients to your organization.
  • Direct text links to your website, pass page rank to your website and improve your search engine ranking.
  • We offer display URLs and the actual url link so you can easily add tracking codes to your actual url links.
  • You can increase your listing effectiveness by making a combined listing on the website and Facebook page.
  • The organization overview page also passes page rank to your site.  With that information, and the choices users have in regard to the information they provide. Please read this privacy policy carefully.


Site Resources
NIK|LAS features 11 Destination Country Portals and 31 local city Portals, wherein program opportunities, study abroad resources, and travel descriptions are showcased.


Traffic Facts
Each year, NIK|LAS traffic steadily grows. While some quarters may see decreases, traffic for the entire year always shows growth from the previous year. This growth of NIK|LAS has been both beneficial to students, as they have more options to choose from, and more interesting resources to use. Below are some useful, interesting facts and statistics.
  Jan'12  Feb '12   Mar '12  Apr '12  May '12   Jun '12  Jul '12  Aug '12  Sep '12  Oct '12   Nov '12  Dec '12 
Visits 1613 1672 1788 1520 1706 1027 1400 1305 1200 1475 1598 1145
Avg # of Pages/Visits 3.01 3.00 2.85 2.94 2.69 2.68 2.63 2.83 2.76 2.74 2.26 2.68


Advertising Options
For pricing or further information, call +1-646-580-8677 or e-mail

Standard website Listings
Company and events listings are available on local and directory pages for purchase on the basis of a monthly period, pricing varies by page and by rotation.

Weekly email distribution
Email advertising from appropriate NIK|LAS Newsletters link students directly to your organization via professional weekly email publications.

Facebook Event Listings
Text event advertising from NIK|LAS Facebook pages link students directly to your organization and events via text links.


NIK|LAS Advertiser Bonuses (No Extra Charge):
  • Ability to link directly to your organization website
  • A Personal Account Executive assigned to your institution


Advertising Through Country Events Listing
What is a Country Home Page?

A NIK|LAS Country Home Page is a virtual gateway by which prospective students can get information country-specific study abroad information and resources. Country Home Pages showcase thematic content relevant to a country or city of study, making them extremely useful to students and guaranteeing high traffic. Appropriate Academic term, Summer, Intern, and Language studies directories are linked from each home page. Additional resources such as Travel Information, Events, Holidays, and accommodation are also featured.

Advertising Through Country Events Listing:

Prominently featured on each Country Home Page, rotating banner positions are available at competitive prices fixed on an annual basis. Country Home Page listing graphics can be personalized to contain animation, your institution's logo, and a direct link to your website. E-mail  or call +1-646-580-8677 for more information


NIK|LAS Newsletter

NIK|LAS Newsletter, a premier study abroad activities and events newsletter, is an innovative marketing vehicle that reaches over 3,000 students. Time-sensitive announcements containing program information and deadlines, special offers, study abroad events, local excursions and events plus related services comprise Newsletter, which is opt-in and e-mailed to all subscribers every other week.

There are four to five positions in each edition of NIK|LAS Newsletter that are open for sponsorship. To place an ad or receive more information, call +1-646-580-8677 or email


Broadcast Message Service
The Broadcast Message Service is an exclusive, premier visibility opportunity to target NIK|LAS local subscribers. This list will be directly e-mailed (by NIK|LAS), using your exclusive coming event. This service can be used for 1-4 messages per month, and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

For pricing or further information, call +1-646-580-8677 or e-mail



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