NIK | LAS offers translations and interpreting services in the following languages:








For a quote, please send us the document that you wish to translate, and receive within 24-48 hours the cost and duration for the completion of the work. All emails can be sent to:


We offer the following services:


Conversion of written documents from one language to another, and includes proofreading. Any type of documents legal, medical, official, news, radio, television, marketing, products, ads, personal correspondence, institutional, educative, technology, , brochures, pamphlets, or cultural materials are welcomed.  $0.12 per word or $30 /hr





Correction of translated materials by professionals. Priced at:


Converting audio recording into words on a page. $0.24 per word


Literary Translation


Specialized translation of literature, which includes proofreading. Novels, novellas, stories, poetry, lyrics, screenplays, play-scripts and any other written art form does fall under this category. $0.20 per word




Oral translation from one language to another. * Consecutive and simultaneous interpretations are available. $30.00 per hour (Max 8 hrs) or $15.00 per 30 minutes or under $200.00 per day




  • Complete our form and submit any additional information about your request, such as date, location, type of subject matter, target language, and any other specific requirements, or details. Note: Commute time is billed for for commute more than 30 minutes away.

  • You will receive our speedy quote with 24-48 hours and the PayPal payment notification via your email; check them, and confirm the appointment date, as well as other requested specifications.

  • Pay for the service with PayPal (If there are any extra charges incurred that were not included in the initial quote, they will be added).

  • Please send all additional inquires to:





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