New Year's Day

January 1st

Epiphany (3 Kings' Day) - Christian

January 6th

Easter - Christian

April 20

Easter Monday - Christian April 21
Liberation Day - Italy April 25

May Day / Labor Day

May 1st

Festival of the Tricolor - Italy

May 12th

Feast of St John the Baptist - Christian

June 24th

Assumption Day - Christian

August 15th

All Saints' Day - Christian

November 1st

Victory Day / National Unity Day - Italy

November 4th

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 8th

Christmas - Christian

December 25th

Day after Christmas, St Stephen's Day, Boxing Day

December 26th






Il Palio di Siena occurs annually on the second of July and the sixteenth of August. It is a traditional horse race which is conducted over a set course throughout the city. The event is attended by many and is widely televised. The race is a very dangerous one, as there are often a great deal of horses and riders packed into narrow streets. In order to better protect the horses, steps have been taken to make veterinary care more easily available during the main race.

Location:  Siena






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