Granada is situated in the South East of Spain (in the Andalusia region), at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is characterized by its diverse geography and landscape. The wide and fertile plains of the Genil has a temperate climate while its mountainous regions has a much colder climate, where stands the 3.481 meters of the Mulhacén. The mountain is great hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter. Its peak is the highest in the Iberian Peninsula. At the foot of the mountain, there is the Palacio de Verano called Generalife. It is here that stands the city, at the point where its two rivers, Darro and Genil, meets. 

The beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol are less than an hour away while close by you can find other fascinating Andalusia cities, such as, Seville, Cordoba, Almeria, etc. 

  The hills in front of the Alhambra were the ancient Moorish casbah or medina, called the Albaicín. It's a fascinating maze of narrow and steep alleys, white houses with interior gardens known as "Carmenes" which actually gives shape to the city of Granada where the old districts of Albaicín an the Alhambra where founded. The new area of the city is situated in the plains, intertwined with the lengthy Gran Vía de Colón and Reyes Católicos, where you find the bustling streets around the cathedral. 

Its unique history features the artistic greatness of the mixture of Moorish palaces and Christian Renaissance treasures. It was the final Moorish capital in the Iberian Peninsula, thus it has maintained a high symbolic value. 


The Alhambra, residence of the Nazareth Kings, is a beautiful Arabian palace that merges architecture and nature to create such an authentic earthly paradise. Palaces, gardens, fountains, towers, murals, all wisely combined with the equally beautiful curtain background of the Sierra Nevada, to create one of the world's most gorgeous monuments. Lovely Granada has been sung of in multiple of occasions. Its conquerors, the Catholic Kings, wanted to make it the capital for the romantic travelers of the 19th Century. This is one place that you must visit, just to see its monuments, streets, plazas, its fountains of Moorish influence, and the view from the top of the Alhambra overlooking the city.

Granada is not only known for the Alhambra. It possesses a lot more other monuments, which makes it worthwhile to pass several days here in order to truly enjoy its wealth. The Catedral and the Capilla Real, the monasteries of San Jerónimo and the Cartuja, the Arabian palace of Daralhorra, the Moorish houses of the Chapiz,  are some of the many monuments that decorate the city. 

  This richly historic city is also a modern city with plenty of commerce. Plus, it is consider Spain's third-largest university city (over 60.000 students), with one of the largest University of Andalusia. It possesses a large variety of popular restaurants, stores, trendy clubs, bars and pubs to relax for the moments when you prefer doing something other than visiting monuments. One of the things that make the bars in Granada so famous in Spain is that with the purchase of whatever beverage, you can enjoy a free serving of 'tapa'. It is this offering; along with attractive decorations that draws the attention of customers to make one bar more popular than another.

Granada has it all: beauty, culture, and fun activities.
  School Facilities  

IMSOL Centre:  Located in the historic centre of Granada. The school is accessible to all of Granada's local offerings, and major landmarks. There are some spacious, fully equipped classrooms, and an air-conditioned library with books and films, free wifi, etc. The centre has a small terrace where students can enjoy their coffee breaks.

Don Quijote Centre:  located in a safe, quiet part of the city center, just in short distance from the cathedral, the Alhambra, the Albaicín and the Conference Center. Nearby, buses depart almost every hour for the Sierra Nevada or the Mediterranean coast. This five-story building is luminous and spacious, with many windows and balconies overlooking the street. It possess centrally heated and air-conditioned -both indispensable features in Granada, where summer and winter temperatures can be extreme. It is equipped with modern teaching aids such as computers and audiovisual equipment. It has a recreational room on the lower level where one can watch TV or a video, listen to music, read books or newspapers, play board games or darts, etc. The atmosphere is intimate and relaxed.

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