A program arranged by the school for students to meet local Spanish speakers with similar interests in order to share conversation in Spanish. The plus, is you improve your Spanish even while at leisure, and you may also learning other interesting nuggets of life in the city your visiting. Take full advantage of this...

Start Dates

Non-Beginners can start any Monday of the year. Beginners may start on the first Monday of any month, in some location, twice a month. Contact us for appropriate dates.


School will be closed during Holidays. Holidays are not made up. Please view the holiday section to understand to help decide your travel time.



Spanish, the 2nd official international language has experienced a growing importance in the developing global community. Learning Spanish in Spain is well worth the experience. Classes are taught at all levels by highly qualified Spanish teachers in small groups, from beginners to advanced. Classes are taught in Spanish only and our teachers use a practical and communicative approach. Students learn the language as well as, the grammar structures in a stimulating atmosphere.

Spanish Semi Standard
Group instructed 10 classes of Spanish Language and culture per week from Monday to Friday.  In Seville, the classes ideal when combining language courses with Flamenco classes. In Malaga, it is 15 classes/wk

Location: Barcelona, Cadiz, Madrid, Marbella, Malaga, Seville, Granada, and Salamanca

Spanish Standard
Group instructed 20 Classes of Spanish Language and culture per week from Monday to Friday with a variety of different teachers. In Cadiz, this course runs a minimum length 8 weeks up to twenty-four weeks in university term-time between October and June. This course is recommended for students who wish to combine language learning with a real life experience of the Spanish culture, thus, it allows enough time for students to get fully acquainted to the city and the Spanish cultures surrounding it. Classes challenge students apply their knowledge of theory by means of various methods ranging from situation and role-playing activities to debates about current issues.

Location: All

Spanish Super Standard
Consists of 20/hours/week standard Spanish + 6 hours/week practice in mini-groups (1-4 students). This is an alternate class options for highly motivated students.

Location: Seville

Spanish Standard Plus
Consist of 25 Classes of Spanish Language and culture per week from Monday to Friday. Especially for highly motivated students who wish to learn as much Spanish in the shortest time possible. This course consists of 5 classes daily in which students apply their knowledge of theory by means of various methods ranging from situation and role-playing activities to debates about current issues.

In Seville and Salamanca, classes consists of 20 group classes and 5 private lessons per week.

Location: All

Spanish Intensive
It is of similar nature to the classes described above. It consists of group instructed 30 Classes of Spanish Language and culture per week from Monday to Friday with a variety of different teachers. Designed for people with little time and the need to practice even more in little time, thus, the courses encourages quick progress in Spanish communication.

Location: All

Spanish Super Intensive
Group instructed 30 +5 Classes of Spanish Language and culture per week from Monday to Friday with a variety of different teachers. Just for that student that wants a little more Spanish. Designed to effectively achieve the most learning in the least amount of time.

Location: Seville, Granada, Salamanca, Malaga, Madrid, and Barcelona

Individual (One to One) Spanish
Tailor-made private classes for highly motivated persons who need to advance rapidly in a specific area of study but in little available time. You decide how many classes you want and what you wish to study.

Location: All

Combined Cities
This program attracts the voyagers in students. It allows for students to choose from the list of courses that we offer in our schools and distribute the learning experience among the different locations. By combining a course from among these different cities, one will learn Spanish and have the opportunity to know the rich variety of Spanish cultures at the same time. Plus, it makes for great city hopping.

Location: All

Group Programs
  • For groups of 5 or more persons traveling together on the same package to the same destination, please contact our Group Department for a group discounted price quote at:
  • With a group of 5 or more persons, you may organize a program that fits your interests and trip desires. Contact our Group Department for more information.

Location: All





Business Intensive Spanish
If you want to work in a Spanish-speaking work environment or aspire to an international career, then, this is a good course for you.

Course is designed for students in the business world. You will familiarize yourself with the relevant jargon, increase your knowledge of the field and learn specific skills of the trade.  It is 20 lessons of Spanish classes +8 lessons/week specializing in the field of business. The courses begin once monthly.  In Seville, it is 20-hours/week Standard Spanish +6 hours/week business Spanish in mini-groups (1-4 students). In Marbella, it is 10-hours/week Spanish + 10 hours/week business Spanish in private class.
Optional: Official exam course for the Madrid Chamber of Commerce.

Starting Dates:  Jan 7, Feb 4, May 6, Jun 3, Jul 1 & 29, Sept 2, Oct 7

Location: Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Seville, Salamanca

Commercial Spanish 
Two-classes a day (10 classes/wk) course aimed at students who already have a good knowledge of the Spanish language and includes such themes as commercial mail, economic terminology, knowledge of the present-day economic situation in Spain, etc. The course last for 2 weeks, and is given once in the month of April, July, August, and September. Contact us about start date (

Location: Cadiz, Granada

Tourism Intensive Spanish
It is designed for people wishing to learn or perfect their Spanish with a specific focus on the world of tourism. If you are working (or would like to work) for a travel agency, tour operator, hotel, congress organizer or any other sector of the tourism industry? Well, this is the program for you.

The course is divided into two (2) fortnightly parts. In each fortnightly block you will have 20 hours of classes over 2 weeks in which you will learn aspects of the tourism world. We recommend combining this course with the Spanish Standard Plus course, ending with an exam to obtain the Basic Spanish Certificate in Tourism of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. On completion of the course, the possibility exists of doing an internship in hotels, travel agencies, etc due the fact that we have an agreement with the Granada Chamber of Commerce. 

Topics covered in the course:
  • The Spanish tourist trade.
  • Tourist Management (Public Relations, Marketing, Production, Logistics, Accommodation Providers and Travel Agents). 
  • Organization of conferences. 
  • Visits to and guest speakers from various tourist organizations and agencies (both profit and non-profit making) in Granada and Andalusia. 

Starting Dates:  Jan 25,  Apr 19, Jun 7, Jul 5, Oct 4

Location: Granada, Cadiz                                  Language Level:  Intermediate

DELE (Diploma Espanol como Lengua Extranjera) Preparation
This is a course specially designed to prepare DELE certification Course offered for each level of exam (inicial, básico, superior).

Course is designed for those students, both university and professional, who want to be able to include the only official diploma of Spanish on their curriculum. It prepares students for all three levels (Initial, Basic and Advanced) of the official DELE exam of the Cervantes Institute. It is the only exam recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education. Course may lasts 2, 3 or 4 weeks and exams take place in May 23, August 22 and November 21.

Location: All

Spanish For Teachers
"Curso de Repaso" for teachers of Spanish. The main purpose is to support teachers of Spanish by bringing their theoretical knowledge and their teaching methods up to date. Emphasis is to revitalize linguistic and didactic abilities and refreshment of your social-economic and political-cultural knowledge. The group program meets the requirements for a LINGUA grant that teachers of Spanish within the European Union can take advantage of.

Starting Dates:  Salamanca (Jul 7 & 21), Madrid (Aug 4),  Barcelona (Aug 18), Granada (Jun 9 & 23, Jul 7 & 21, Aug 5)

Location: Granada, Seville, Malaga, Salamanca, Madrid, and Barcelona             Language Level:  Advanced

Spanish Cooking
Learn how to make popular authentic Spanish dishes, such as, omellete, paella or sangria, from one of the local chefs. It's one more thing to take back home besides Spanish and a suntan. This program should be taken with a Spanish language program. In Salamanca, you take 2 weeks (3 cooking classes per week), which begins once a month.

2014 Start Dates: January 6th & July 7th (Barcelona and Salamanca) | Sevilla (Every week)

Location: Salamanca, Barcelona

Christmas Spanish Programs
Have you always wanted to know what Christmas is like in Spain? And how Spaniards celebrate New Year's Eve? This is your chance to spend an unforgettable time during these days with us! How? Take part in the Christmas courses in Seville.

This 2-week program is geared at people who seek to study during their free time in the winter.. It is held at all levels and it is a good way to get to know and to enjoy the way Andalusia celebrate these special dates, while you practice your Spanish.

Each day you will have 4 Spanish classes + a free optional subjects each day, in groups of a maximum of 8 students. This is available for all levels: from beginners to the most advanced. In addition, you will 16 other intensive classes per week (morning classes).

Location: Barcelona, Cadiz , Marbella, Salamanca, Seville, Granada, Madrid (December 22 - January. 2)

This 2-week program consists of 6 classes a day and is held only during the holiday periods of Carnival and Easter (Holy Week). It is good ways to get to know and to enjoy the way Andalusia (Cádiz) celebrate these special dates, while you practice your Spanish.

Location: Cadiz (February 16, March 29, April 5)

Salsa Dance and Bailes Latinos
5 hours of Salsa dance classes and Bailes Latinos per week. The course combines 2 hours of Salsa classes with 3 hours of dance classes on Merengue, Bachata, and Rueda Cubano. Beginners start on the 1st Tuesday of any month.

Location: Seville

Flamenco Dance
7.5 hours Flamenco dance classes per week. The course focuses exclusively on the staging of choreography for different flamenco styles (seguiriyas, soleá, soleá por bulerías, alegrías, etc.). You may learn perfect zapateados, marcajes, braceos, and cierres of the different palos of flamenco with an expert flamenco dancer.

Location: Cordoba, Seville, Cadiz, Malaga

Flamenco Technique
7.5 hours Flamenco techniques classes per week. These courses deal with the coordination of movements of different parts of the body and consolidation of concepts, which are fundamental for the flamenco dance.

Location: Seville

Flamenco Dance & Technique
This course is especially design for students who have never danced before. It is 7.5 hours per week of class time that mixes of Flamenco Technique and Flamenco Dance lessons explained above.

Location: Seville

Flamenco Guitar
Covering all aspects of flamenco guitar, methods, exercises, falsetas, playing for singing and dancing. The one-to-one nature of the classes' guarantees that each student can work on the aspect that he/ she wishes to learn, improve, or perfect. 90 private minutes each day, from Monday thru Friday.

Location: Cordoba, Seville



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