A Certificate of Completion is offered at the end of the course, to students who meet the minimum attendance and academic requirements. The certificate displays course completed, dates and level obtained.

Start Dates

Non-Beginners can start any Monday of the year. Beginners may start on the first Monday of any month, in some location, twice a month. Contact us for appropriate dates.


School will be closed during Holidays. Holidays are not made up. Please view the holiday section to understand to help decide your travel time.



We offer you top-quality, affordable English instruction in very exciting cities within the United States. Our knowledgeable teachers are experienced, well-traveled, English speakers that will help you become a more confident English speaker.

Several courses are offered year-round for students who wish to improve their English communication skills or prepare for the TOEFL, TOEIC, or GMAT exams. There are several courses offered that are authorized under Federal law for foreign students.

Classes provide you with the opportunity to improve your conversational and written English through an exceptional curriculum and methodology, while you can actively practice speaking the language while living in the United States. 

At our schools, one learns the language as well as, the grammar structures in a stimulating atmosphere at all levels. Your vocabulary will increase daily as you become more accustomed to the sound of the language.

The courses improve basic communication skills and English grammar. You will learn to construct simple to complex sentences and develop vocabulary skills to be able to participate in discussions. The courses develop your awareness of the relationship of grammar to meaning. You develop fluency in speaking and writing. Courses will enhance your ability to communicate with and understand English speakers. 

As you progress, you will develop fluency in speaking, reading comprehension, listening and speaking, while attaining a high command of vocabulary words and idioms, and acquiring a stronger grammar foundation.

English Online
Individual lessons using distance learning for students with basic knowledge of beginner English. The course runs in blocks of a minimum of 10 lessons. It features general English lessons, high quality TOEFL and IELTS, Conversational and Business courses under professional training from well experienced native English teachers.

This interactive and professional comprehensive online programs is designed to help the student cover all sections of the language including practice tasks and questions, revision, study skills, tips and strategies  It is a revolutionary way to excel in the comfort of your home or office, at your own pace, in your own time. You will just need to sit in front of your computer in a comfort zone, sipping on coffee or a cold beverage, while enjoying your learning experience.

Location: All

Mini English

10 Classes of group instructed English Language per week from Monday to Friday. This course is recommended for students who wish to combine language learning with a real life experience of the English culture, thus, it allows enough time for students to get fully acquainted to the city and the English cultures surrounding it. 

Location: New York                  Levels: All 

Semi Standard

15 classes of group instructed English Language per week from Monday to Friday. It offers just a bit more than the Mini English but leaves you with sufficient time to immerse into the city life. Classes challenge students apply their knowledge of theory by means of various methods ranging from situation and role-playing activities to debates about current issues. 

Location: New York                  Levels: All 


18 hours of group instructed English Language per week from Monday to Friday. 

In Chicago, the 18 hours course focuses on communication for all levels and includes two parts: Grammar and Conversation Skills. "Grammar" includes grammar, vocabulary, and reading. Skills are taught with an emphasis on interactive, productive use. Students practice grammatical skills and new vocabulary in authentic, spoken English. "Conversation Skills" is student-centered learning in a comfortable, supportive setting. Effective speaking and listening skills are reinforced through a combination of small group work and discussion. Students are helped and encouraged to organize and express ideas clearly and correctly.

In New York, it incorporates a weekly 15 hours of Spoken English in the morning, and 3 hours of writing classes. In the Spoken English classes, you will learn to discuss familiar topics, express opinions and thoughts more easily incorporating commonly used idioms, practice their conversation with up-to-date and realistic themes while expanding vocabulary. Writing classes incorporates exercises, which target the different elements of writing in English, in conjunction with daily compositions - all designed to improve the writing skills of the student in the shortest period of time.

Location: Chicago, Nueva York, San Francisco, San Diego                             Levels: All 

Super Standard
20 hours of group instructed English Language per week from Monday to Friday. This course uses an integrated approach that covers: speaking, listening, reading and writing. It incorporates pronunciation, vocabulary building and conversation activities using grammar in context. 

Location: Chicago, Nueva York, San Francisco, San Diego                 Levels: All 
Standard Plus
Group instructed 25 or 28 Classes of group instructed English Language per week from Monday to Friday.

In Chicago, the 28 hours is organized as 20 hours of Grammar & Conversation Skills + 7-hour Elective. The course is intended for students who wish to gain additional skills in a specific focus area, such as American Idioms, Pronunciation, or Business English. A variety of electives are offered every 8 weeks. For All levels: Pronunciation or Communication Skills. For High Intermediate to Proficient levels only: Accent Reduction, American Idioms, Business English, and College Study Skills

In New York, the 25 hours course encourages quick progress in English communication. It is best suited for people with little time and the need to practice even more in little time.

Location: Chicago, Nueva York, San Francisco, San Diego                              Levels: All 
30 hours of group instructed English Language per week from Monday to Friday. Just for that student that wants a little more English. Designed to effectively achieve the most learning in the least amount of time.

Location: New York                  Levels: All 
Individual (One to One) 
If you are interested in additional hours of instruction, or wish to have further improve distinct areas of your language skills (e.g. grammar, writing, pronunciation) these lessons are perfect for just that. You will have personalized session with qualified teachers outside of class hours.

Location: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, San Diego               Levels: All 

Combined Cities
This program attracts the voyagers in students. It allows for students to choose from the list of courses that we offer in our schools and distribute the learning experience among the different locations. By combining a course from among these different cities, one will learn Spanish and have the opportunity to know the rich variety of Spanish cultures at the same time. Plus, it makes for great city hopping.

Location: Chicago, Nueva York, San Francisco, San Diego

Group Programs
  • For groups of 5 or more persons traveling together on the same package to the same destination, please contact our Group Department for a group discounted price quote at:
  • With a group of 5 or more persons, you may organize a program that fits your interests and trip desires. Contact our Group Department for more information.

Location: Chicago, Nueva York, San Francisco, San Diego






TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Preparatory Course

15 hrs, 18 hours, or 20 hours of classes per week can last from 8 to 10 wks. This is a course specially designed to prepare English students to take the national TOEFL exam in either of two formats: computer-based or paper-based. The TOEFL is required by American Universities and Colleges for Foreign Students to attend. It is perfect for advanced English students who are ready to pursue a university education in the US. It provides a very comprehensive review of all the components needed for the TOEFL test such as written structures (grammar), reading comprehension, listening comprehension and essay writing. It provides a thorough discussion on the techniques and strategies for taking the test. 

Location: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, San Diego                               Levels: Advanced

TOEIC [Test of English for International Communication] Preparation

18 hours of classes per week. This course is well suited for individuals who need to improve their TOEIC score. The exam measures the ability to understand a business-related conversation in standard English as well as the ability to read English workplace manuals, correspondence, technical books and articles. Instruction will emphasize TOEIC test-taking strategies, vocabulary building, understanding business letters and memos, current business events and advanced grammatical structures.

Location: Chicago                 Levels: Advanced

GMAT [Graduate Management Admissions Test] Preparatory Course

18 or 20 hrs of classes per week. The GMAT is a university admissions requirement for any student pursuing an MBA in the USA. The course prepares you for the analytical and verbal sections of this important exam. You will study advanced English vocabulary, grammatical structures and practice test-taking strategies to improve your analytical writing and verbal reasoning skills.

Location: All                               Levels: Advance

Business Intensive English

15 hours of classes per week + 3 classes per on US Business English. This course is perfect for persons who wish to work in an English-speaking work environment or aspire to an international career. You will familiarize yourself with the relevant jargon, increase your knowledge of the field and learn specific skills of the trade. This course includes instruction in U. S. business practices, speech writing and oral business presentation skills for international business professionals. It enriches vocabulary and builds accurate grammar usage. It provokes and reinforces critical thinking by analyzing cases of success stories of various businesses in the U.S., and how they relate to other businesses globally. The students are led on field trips to financial and business districts, and they attain a better perspective of the business environment. 

Location: New York                  Levels: All 

Pronunciation and Accent Reduction I
This course will help you become more aware of your pronunciation and the pronunciation of native speakers of the US English.  It combines 15 hours of  English classes per week with 3 classes per week focused on Pronunciation and accent reduction.  You will be able to use various features of English pronunciation, know its rules and recognize sounds and exchange information with other students.

Location: New York                  Levels: All 

Pronunciation and Accent Reduction II
This course reinforces speaking and listening skills. You gain the ability to understand and use the spoken language using good pronunciation and appropriate accent. It combines 15 hours of  English classes per week with 3 classes per week focused on Pronunciation and accent reduction. 

Location: New York                  Levels: All 






These 15-week programs are perfect for non-native speakers of English who wish to improve English language skills for professional purposes or to meet college entrance requirements. Class sessions are offered on these four basic skills:

- Conversation & Listening
- Grammar
- Reading & Vocabulary
- Writing
Subjects by dates:     i. Conversation & Listening: Mondays & Wednesdays (8h-10h / 13h-15h / 18h-20h)
                                      ii. Grammar: Tuesdays & Thursdays(8h-10h / 13h-15h / 18h-20h)
                                     iii. Reading & Vocabulary: Mondays & Wednesdays (11h-13h / 16h-18h / 20h-22h)
                                     iv. Writing: Tuesdays & Thursdays (11h-13h / 16h-18h / 20h-22h)
Class Hours for Monday thru to Thursday:              Morning Classes -     8:00h - 13:00h
                                                                                            Afternoon Classes - 13:00h - 18:00h
                                                                                            Evening Classes -     18:00h - 22:00h
Program Start Dates:           2008:   Sep 8, May 12, Sep  15
                                                   2009:   Jan 26, May 11,Sep 14
Three programs are offered:             I. Intensive IEP 123 
                                                                  II. Intensive IEP 123/A 
                                                                 III. Intensive IEP 123/B
Intensive IEP 123
It is a 300-hour program over 15 weeks with 20 hours of classes, including Language Laboratory, each week. Students who enrolled in this program qualify for F-1 student visa. This program includes all four class sessions twice each week.

Location: New York                 Levels: All
Intensive IEP 123/A
It involves half the workload of the Intensive IEP 123 Program over the same 15-week cycle. It has 10 hours per week for 15 weeks. This program includes two of the four class sessions offered. 

Location: New York                 Levels: All

Intensive IEP 123/B
It isolates a single skill area in the Intensive IEP 123. Students target one of the four skills for 15 weeks. The program is especially valuable for non-native speakers of English with a specific area of weakness in their English language skills. This program includes one of the four class sessions offered.

Location: New York                 Levels: All




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