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For a short term stay (within 90 days), visa is not required for nationals of the EU, Schengen countries and others listed below:

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, Estonia, Guatemala, Holy Sea, Honduras, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Nicaragua, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Republic of Turkey, Poland, Romania, San Marino, El Salvador, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Switzerland, Uruguay, USA, Venezuela.

Schengen countries are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal,  and Sweden.

Citizens of other countries must apply for a visa to enter Portugal.

If you need more details on obtaining a visa to enter Portugal click here





Faro Airport (FAO/LPFR), is a modern terminal building with an agreeable, wide and colorful structure, fitting perfectly into the local climate. It is located only 4 kilometers from downtown, and has undergone a series of improvements in order to increase the quality of services provided to passengers and simultaneously contribute to development of the Region and of tourism in general.

Lisbon Airport (LIS/LPPT) Portela - This is the country's most important airport, and plays an important role in the city's economic development and that of the entire Lisbon Region. In 1998, Lisbon Airport posted the world highest passenger growth rate. The increase in airport capacity, the efficiency and quality of services provided are evident to all its users. Currently, passengers have a modern, functional and handsome terminal at their disposal with a vast array of services and facilities, guaranteed to satisfy their needs.

Oporto - Francisco SA Carneiro Airport (OPO/LPPR) - Visitors arriving by air at the "Invicta" (an epithet of the City of Oporto) find a modern and functional airport, ready to welcome them in the best of manners. The Terminal has a wide and pleasant public hall for passengers and their parties.

The airport is under improvements, in order to meet the needs of passengers who, whether on business trips or on vacation, come to the City of Oporto.




These airliners provide inexpensive flights to and from Portugal between other Europe cities. It can help you mix your flight connection city or entry city into Portugal in order to locate a lower cost trip.




  • From Lisbon to: Faro (5-10 daily; 4hr);
  • From Lisbon to Oporto (hourly; 3hr);
  • From Lisbon Airport (Portela)
  It is just twenty minutes' drive to the center, local buses #44 and #45 (1€) run from the road outside the airport to Rossío and Cais do Sodré (train station for Cascais; tel 800 203 067)
  • From Lisbon Airport to Lisbon Center
  Aerobus (#91; every 20min 7am-9pm; 2.50€), which leaves from right outside the Arrivals Hall and runs to Praça dos Restauradores, Rossío, Praça do Comércio and Cais do Sodré.
  • From Faro to Lisbon (5-10 daily; 4hr 20min);
  • From Faro to Sevilla (2 daily; 5hr).


  • The bus and tram networks operate from around 6am to midnight and the metro until 1am. Trams and buses ( are also a good for getting around the city- tickets for either are valid for two journeys (0.90 €); alternatively, there are Passe Turistico bus/metro/ elevador passes , valid for four days (8.60€) or seven days (12.25 €).
  • The new main bus terminal (24hr national bus information, for timetables) is at Arco do Cego (metro Saldanha) and handles most international and domestic departures, including services to the Algarve and Madrid. The new terminal, Gare do Oriente, also has some international and domestic departures.






  • From Lisbon to Vilar Formoso (for Salamanca and Spain; 1 daily; 6hr 30min)
  • From Lisbon to Oporto (10-13 daily; 3hr 30min-4hr)
  • From Lisbon to Faro (2 daily; 5hr 30min-6hr)
  • From Oporto to Lisbon (14-15 daily; 3-4hr)
  • From Oporto to Madrid (2 daily; 12hr);
  • The vastly improved metro now covers most of the city and it by far the fastest way of getting around; tickets cost 0.65 € each, 5,10 € for a block of ten or 1,05 € for a day pass. The Lisboa Card gives unlimited travel on all the city's public transport, entry to 26 museums and discounts on a host of tourist-related activities. The cards cost 8.80 € for 4 days, 12.45€ for one week, 20.20€ for one month and are available from any Carris kiosk or metro station.
  • Long-distance trains use the Santa Apolónia station (for international train information), about fifteen minutes' walk from the waterfront Praça do Comércio, or a short ride on buses #9, #39, #46 or #90 to Rossío. Local trains from Sintra emerge at the heart of the city in the Rossío station , while trains from the Algarve and south terminate at Barreiro, on the far bank of the river, from where you catch a ferry (6am-2am; around 1.50 € depending on destination) to the Fluvial station next to the Praça do Comércio. For train timetables , visit the information office on the ground floor of Rossío station.




Taxis are beige (the older ones are black with a green roof) and have small green lights on top, indicating availability. All journeys are metered (starting at 1.50€ plus 0.50 € for each item of luggage carried), and a short hop should rarely cost more than 10€. They can be found quite easily by day, especially around the main squares, but at night they're dearer (from 2€) and more difficult to get hold of - if you're leaving a bar or club it's usually best to arrange for one by phone; try Rádio Táxis (tel 21 811 9000) de Lisboa or Teletaxis.
From Lisbon Airport to Lisbon Center, Taxis to the center of Lisbon should cost under 10€ but it is always best to fix a price before you depart.





Ferries are particularly useful in the summer for short trips to reach various points on the other side of the Tagus river. These scenic trips typically cost between 0.50€ and 1.75€ and will save you waiting in long traffic jams when the masses descend on the beaches south of Lisbon. Most cross-Tagus ferries are operated by Transtejo and arrive at Belém, Cais do Sodré and Terreiro do Paço.

CP (Portuguese Railways) runs the ferry link from Barreiro (where the CP trains terminate) to Praça do Comércio; for rail travellers the fare is included in the ticket price.

There are also 24-hour water taxis , operated by Taxitour, which depart from a number of clearly marked points along the river.




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